Key West will get the last of ASM's "Day Glow Green" (2 Viewers)


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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Last week, I received a message from Red Ott, owner of Atlantic Standard Molding in Las Vegas. ASM makes fine clay casino chips for casinos, custom orders, and for the Key West Resort & Casino.

Red told me the company was nearly out of Day Glow (DG) green, the color used for the edge spots on the Key West $1,000 chips. After some discussions, e-mails and calls, ASM found a stash of DG green to complete my large order to them in May -- 10,000 chips, which included about a thousand of the $1,000 chips. They'll be making those chips for the Key West using the last of the DG green.

Key West roulette chips, originally slated to include DG green among the six colors, will instead use light green, a very similar color, and five other colors.

The company's dye supplier has discontinued a dye used in Day Glow Green. This was not something done by ASM, nor did they want to do it.

I expect the $1,000 chips from the order to last for some time -- a year or so, at least. It will then be time to open a discussion, primarily here, about what to do next. I'm committed to keeping these chips available and alive well into the future.

The Key West $1,000 is ASM yellow and DG green

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