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Mar 26, 2013
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Key West 2024 Chip Prices

There will be a small increase in the price of Key West Resort & Casino chips for orders placed in 2024.

2024 Chip Price Chart.png

On our Key West retail website, I'll be matching Classic Poker Chips' price for a denominated Level 1 chip so as not to cut into their business.

After the PCF member discount, denominated Key Wests going to PCF members will increase $0.08 per chip.

I offer Key West chips at my cost to members here. As my stock of Key West chips sells down to a low point, like it did this year, restocking with newer chips means my average price per chip goes up a bit. That's the reason for this year's increase.

Full Custom chips vs. "Semi-Custom" Key Wests:

Key West chips are really "semi-custom" chips. Somewhere around 1,000 people worldwide probably have some. (I don't know how many people bought from the former owners of the design.)

Since buying the design in 2012, I've sold around 62,000 Key West chips to around 450 people in 29 countries. That's not a gigantic number, so the chips are still pretty unique and relatively secure. And I also offer playing cards, dealer buttons, dice and other Key West-branded items.

I try to offer Key West for the most reasonable price possible here to our members, to keep the unique design alive and available to anyone interested in starting a set , and for players worldwide who already own a set of Key Wests, including myself.

You should consider buying Key West chips if you like the design, style, colors and accessories, and decide it's the chip you want for your table. If you prefer a different look for your chips or find yourself saying, "For a little more I can order full-custom chips," then I agree. You should order full-custom chips and post photos here so we can enjoy them, too. High-end casino chips are too expensive not to get exactly what you want.

Classic Poker Chips makes Key West chips for us, and have since the day they opened. I'm not trying to put them out of business, so our public "retail" website will be priced the same as what Classic charges for new chips. That way, we won't take away any new business from Classic, and non-members who find Key West will buy them because they like the design.

The public-facing website's prices will be increased this evening.
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Are these effectively the same H Mold one would get from CPC?

And do you sell blanks?
Are these effectively the same H Mold one would get from CPC?

And do you sell blanks?
As stated above, Key West chips are made (exclusively) for us by Classic Poker Chips.

I don't stock or sell blanks. You should contact Classic directly for those.
There is no minimum to buy. PM with whatever you need and we'll get it started for you.

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