Just received my first Paulson chips (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
I have been playing for 2 years with a cash & tourney set of Majestics. This was an upgrade from dice chips. I have a sample set of CPC rounders that I've been shuffling for a year but havent been able to bite the bullet and pull the trigger $$$$ I fell in love with the PCA colors on PCF and have begun a journey to assemble a cash set. Just received my first chips - a rack of mint $5 secondaries. I am in love: the colors, the weight, the sound. NOW I see what the addiction is all about!
Oh boy. I have been happy with my Nexgen chips for 15 years! I just ordered some CC samples the other day. I am glad I didn't order any Paulson samples! I must resist...
I have some Paulsons in my gym bag, $5's and $25's. I can definitely feel the quality difference but I just can't pull the trigger on $1000 or more for a set.

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