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Apr 18, 2014
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France, Bayonne
Hi all

Is there a specific line for french people :cool: there? Look like an invasion these days.

I'm Arnaud , 41 years old , chips geek since one and half year ...

I have start with few dices a standard christmas gift few years back , playing a lot more , few years later i have invest in a torney set of Hibiskus ceramic set.
A home gameplayer , let at home some Paulson Grand Card room , cause he had no more enough space to organize games ... and the Virus was in !!!

First big acquisition was a Paulson Pharaon set , that I completed slowly to be able to organize 20 players games.

I finally bought the Paulson GCR that was standing at home , and complete the set to play 24 players games.

Since this time a lot of set visited my place : MGM cash game , Matsui zen , Cash game Star dust poker mansion ...

I'm currently holding : the Paulson Grand Card room tournament set , a 10 player blue sand set , a ten players Stardust poker mansion set , a Dragonara palace B&G cash set , and an AS custom cash set Monsoon palace.

I was trying to slow down my purchasing frenesy ... but I think that I am in the wrong place.

Anyway this is great to join the PCF hope to learn a lot more about chips , do some nice discovery , and trade , sell , buy some nice stuff around !!!

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