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Aug 12, 2019
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Dec 8, 2022
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Jumer's Casino & Hotel
Rock Island, Illinois | United States of America

- - - -

All chips are in new condition, directly received from TheChipRoom 'Black Friday Sale.'
Please see the images below, these are the exact chips on which you'll consider bidding.
There are 500 chips in total:

- -
100ct - $1 Secondary
100ct - $5 Secondary
50ct - $25 Primary
150ct - $25 Secondary
100ct - $100 Secondary

To Those Who Have Shown Interest
This auction will be locked-in after the first bid, I won't be able to cancel it at that stage.
If you were on the fence about a trade or split sale with me, I'll try to be proactive with my PM inbox just in case.
These are most of the extra Jumer's chips that I have at this moment, I'm still trying to organize one more set for the holiday so these might change if there isn't an active bid.

- -

Jumer's Casino & Hotel
Rock Island, Illinois | United States of America

- - - -

jumer sec 1s.png
jack 5s.png
jumers 25 sec.png
jumer sec 25s.png
jumer sec 100.png

Brief Update
Some unique questions to ask yourself:
- Does your current 1/5 combination pop like these? (usually the 1/5 isn't the most exciting, wait until you see your cards dealt next to these $1s)
- Does your current 5 compete with a hot rod red? (most tend to be darker and I can't count the number of times I've wished for white edge spots)
- Does your 25 remind you of a forrest or nature theme? (Jumer 25s take over the room)
- What current edge spot takes over for the retired bear claw? (these secondary hundos)
- Does your set have one denomination that you can't help feel like it ruins the set? (these don't, every denomination can stand alone)

Quick Trade thought:
- I got heavier into secondary territory than primary, as you can see with my extras:
- Let me know if you want to swap your primary hundos for these secondary chips, I have enough secondary to make that trade, but that needs to happen before this listing gets a bid
I'm getting cold feet folks, sorry in advance if I close out this auction.
I will honor the auction if there is active bidding, but I'm starting to think these are keepers.
In my defense, I'm staring at these things all day! You only have to see these lousy pictures!
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