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Mar 23, 2013
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I picked up this lot of chips for a pretty good deal.

Good for you, buddy. I know you've been working on the Blue Chip collection.
Thanks. I need some more $1 chips so the hunt continues! I think I like these better than my Sahara set.
Great grab! Congrats on some really nice chips!

Thanks Dennis. Most are new. The funny thing is that I had a couple racks of $1s before. At the time I was only interested in the quarters so I sold them. Still searching for more $1s now. :)
5 more $1 chips came today. Many more to go!
Here is what I have so far...


Those quarters are very nice. What is the goal for a final breakdown?

Mint $5s are really hard to find. I did find 20 mint ones though. With the snappers, it should work.

200 x .25 (i have 217)
200 x 1.00 (160 short lol - would like 300 but I'm being realistic)
40 x 2.50
20 x 5.00
2 x 25.00

Far as I know, only the newer style giant inlay $1s are in use so it's going to take a while.

Have you considered relabeling some minty $5 Terrible's for this set, until the real deals become available?
I could never do that! That's sacrilege! :)
One reason why I am building this set is not having to label any chips. I also really like the colors.
Would love to have a huge cash set of these, but that is not realistic so it will be for a 6 player $40-$50 buy in game.
I like to get 35 more snappers or 20 more $5s. Don't really want to have both but may have to. 8 more $25s and I think that should work OK.
man !
those quarters !
those dollars !
those ...
congratz once again, for the quest !

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