For Sale Jack Detroit full sample sets - mint condition, 5 sets available


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Dec 29, 2017
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Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC
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For your consideration, we have 5 sample sets of Jack Detroit chips available for 5 lucky members! The price for each set is $150, plus the cost of insured shipping by Canada Post. Payment can be made in US dollars by PayPal (to friend) or PayPal (for goods and services) with an extra 3-5% to cover fees depending on final shipping destination.




Each 16-chip sample set will consist of 1 chip of each of the following denominations: $0.25, $1, $2.50, $5, $5GO, $25GO, $25Pri, $25Sec, $100Pri, $100Sec, $500Pri, $500Sec, $1000Pri, $1000Sec, $5000Pri, $5000Sec. PCF mouse pad is not included.

Chip Condition: Mint
These chips have been handled, but not played with nor shuffled. They have not been cleaned nor oiled. They are essentially in the same condition I received them in just over 2 years ago.

Please state your interest in purchasing a single set by posting in the sales thread by Tuesday, January 26, 4pm Pacific Time, but DO NOT follow up by PM yet. I will keep track of the number of interested parties up to the cutoff time. If there are 5 (or less) interested persons, then I will follow up by PM to arrange payment and shipping. Multiple sets cannot be purchased by the same buyer.

In the event that there are more than 5 interested persons, then at my discretion I will use a random selection process to choose the first 5 eligible buyers. I will probably do it by assigning a position to each person and playing a hand of 7-card stud poker, dividing the eligible "players" between "tables" as necessary.

For those posting from other time zones, here is a clarification of the cutoff date/time:
Vancouver Time (Pacific) Jan 26 1600h (GMT -8)
New York Time (Eastern) Jan 26 1900h (GMT -5)
London Time Jan 27 0000h (GMT)
Hong Kong Time Jan 27 0800h (GMT +8)

Feel free to ask questions in the thread. Check my feedback rating and buy with confidence.

Interested parties so far:

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Nov 14, 2014
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if anyone comes across another one of these please let me know I am only like 15 miles from Greek town the casino that was suppose to be renamed to Jack I would love one of these thanks
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