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Wanted "J" Hotstamped THC Solid (1 Viewer)

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Jul 13, 2020
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New York
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Looking for a rack of a solid, hotstamped THC chips with the letter "J" on it. Preference would be black or white, though would consider other colors - prefer non-denom, or $100, but also willing to look at other denoms as well.
Why this particular chip, you ask...

So, as all can see my screenname is JZPdub, which represents my initials and where I live. It now appears that I have the opportunity to complete a JZPW set, but need some help.

It all started thanks to @Saoliver, who gifted me these hotstamped PW chips when I won his giveaway.


Didn't have anything specific for them in mind, but figured maybe a hotstamped solid set might be in the works. Let's see where the chipping winds blow. The whole project was put on the shelf until @WillyTLT posted these bad boys for sale


A "Z" chip, and a blue $1? I was in.

So now I'm 75% of the way there. All we need now is a "J" chip to complete the line-up.


There is no rush on this, but if you see a rack out there or have one you are looking to part with, hit me up.
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