Is there a THC alternative to the PCA 1? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 10, 2022
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New Jersey
I'm looking to build a full THC PCA set and I'd love to see if there are alternatives to the RHC 1 that's a close match to label and fit in. Of course the OG RHC's will be on hand but this would make this set well deserved. Thanks!


Pic "courtesy" of @inapinch
I'm presuming you'd like a white chip?

Jack Cincy $1's, Venetian $1's, Bally's $1's, and old Rio $'1s are all pretty affordable and would fit the bill, with the Jack Cincy's and Bally's $1's most likely to be found in very good or better condition.
Stick with the original RHCs. They’re leaded, they’ve got the beautifully textured Paulson inlays. And they’re REAL.

You could find a white THC chip and stick a label on them that looks right and has a textured feel that’s not quite right but almost. Or you could get a full ceramics card mold set of knockoffs that all match and look right. But you wouldn’t settle of the card molds because they’re not real Paulson clays. So why try to “fix” your set with a chip that isn’t real?
Yes. Such a great chip.

And don't relabel it. Still THC, leaded, and real.
Yes! And the labels complement each other really well on the felt.

Casino Aztar MO secondary $1 and Le Cove $1.
If you must relabel something, Le Cove $1 is the best alternative for sure.

Stick with the original RHCs.
Absolute best advice, IMO, unless $1 is your workhorse. Then screw that and find an alt.
You guys may be on to something.

Ballys $1 if white, or Paris $1 if you want blue are good and available options.

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That Ballys 1 does pop with the blue lettering

@aggie Yea the $1 would be a workhorse. But I also agree, just having the original 1s in the house feels "needed".

Aren't Le Coves damn near impossible to find?

As much as I love the idea of moving the Aztar 1, yea....I'm that jackass that's going to be working on multiple projects.

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