Is there a definative list of all sets that were made on the "Paulson Chips" mold? (1 Viewer)


Aug 26, 2017
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Looking to find all the options available on this mold. Classics, National Poker Series and what else?
Not sure about a list. I somewhat remember a thread a while back that listed a bunch of the Paulson fantasy line of chips with pictures. I can't seem to find it atm. I'll see if I can dig it up. Other's I can think of were the Pharaoh's, CDI '05 and Fun Nite.

edit - "the authentic" was another one.
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Hmm, looks like there are two different versions of the mold, one that is flat across the surface and the second with raised area where the text is. Examples - CDI 05 have the raised version and the Nationals have the flat version.

So far:
CDI '05's (raised)
Classics (flat)
National's (flat)
The Authentic (raised)
Fun Nite (?)

I seem to recall the Pharaohs had a "Paulson Chips" version -- not if sure raised or flat though?
From BGinGA in the other thread:

I've never seen Fun Nites on that mold either (not to say they don't exist). As far as I know, the PAULSON CHIPS mold has been used for five different chip lines and samples:
  • Pharaoh's Club & Casino
  • Paulson Classics
  • Casino de Isthmus City
  • National Poker Series
  • The Authentic (shaped inlays)
  • Fun Nite (hot-stamps)
  • GPI/Paulson manufacturing samples
The first four were all introduced circa 2004-2005 or so, after the reverse-merger that created GPI. The Authentic line came later (2007-2008).

Also noteworthy to mention that there is more than one version of the PAULSON CHIPS mold. The diameters of the center recess area differ.
There is also a 43mm version, used for GPI manufacturing samples. Otherwise, the list in post #8 is complete.

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