For Sale Iron Horse Casino Chipco/Dropa Disc Quarters (1 Viewer)

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Feb 18, 2014
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Kodiak, AK
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I have roughly around 2000 Iron Horse Chipco chips from the Iron Horse Casino that closed down in Everett Washington. I also have with this chips, about 300 $.25 chips (dropa disc). I have alot of money invested in these for it took a long time to actually get a decent amount of them. I won't list a price for I a looking for offers. I'd like to sell as a complete set unless all are spoken for then I'll split. Wanted to sell these and change up to clay. Thanks for looking.

Roughly 300 $.25 Dropa Disc
Roughly 500 $1 Iron Horse
Roughly 500 $2 Iron Horse
Roughly 600 $3 Iron Horse
Roughly 300 $5 Iron Horse
Roughly 40 $25 Iron Horse
Roughly 15 $100 Iron Horse
Roughly 30 $500 Iron Horse

All chip in the photos are included, but not the racks. I only say roughly because I am at work and can't really get a exact count.

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In the unlikely event that you decide to split these, I would be interested in a rack (poss 2 racks) of the $2 - or if someone buys the set but doesn't need all the $2s
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