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Nov 20, 2023
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New member introduction and a couple of questions

New member to the site - hello, been lurking, have read a lot of the content already and learned a ton – thanks everyone. Please excuse my terminology below when I say thinks like "cash game" and "tournament style", they may not be the same as how those terms are used generally so I try to frame them when I use those words.

I play maybe 18+/- times a year, not a lot for sure but the pace seems to be picking up post Covid and also as we enter the cold and dark season here in the NE USA. I play home games with a couple of groups of friends, 5-8 people per, with possibly a third group starting up (we got together once so far but there is momentum). There is some player overlap between the groups as you’d expect.

  • One group plays a PLTHE cash game (what I call a “cash game” is that chip values are = actual real currency values). It’s usually a $20 buy in and blinds are 25c/50c. Game lasts 2-3 hours and the blinds don’t increase. Nobody walks away rich, everyone has a good time.

  • Second group plays NLTHE in what I call “tournament” - chip values are not equal actual cash value. The ‘multiplier’ varies depending on who’s involved. A common favorite is what I call the “1000x” game where the starting pot is $20k and blinds are $100/$200. It was an initial $20 buy in and a $10 or multiple rebuy. We let the pot roll from game to game and people don’t cash out at the end of each night – some people have taken $ out when they were way ahead.

  • The third group is leaning towards what I call “dealers choice”, as play rotates the dealer chooses the game – NLTHE, 5 card draw, 7 card stud etc. We use the ‘tournament’ chips when we played with big numbers because that’s the set that we had.

Games use dice chips or similar. One set is a White/Red/Green/Blue dice chip set (unmarked). Another game uses an older set of hard dull Bakelite chips (maybe clay?) with engraved/stamped denominations, that was probably passed down through the family. I’d like to get a set of ‘nicer’ chips to contribute to the game(s) experience. So my first question for the forum is on buying a "first chip set" that’s better than dice chips – and I’ll do a separate post on that with what I have learned in my research so as to not mix up this intro post.

But before I can decide on chip set I need to know the chip denominations right? and whether we are playing actual cash value per chip or whether playing ‘multipliers’ (what I call “tournament style”) will determine how many of each denomination I need (based on # players, starting stacks and the blinds). I will also do a separate forum post on this shortly . I have found some tools on line that calculate starting stacks etc but they didn’t quite do it for me so I built some simple Excel examples that I can share, and I’d appreciate input on those.

You are looking for separate cash and tournament sets.
Is there a middle ground where the high value chips in the cash set overlap with the low value chips in the tournament sets, or are the chip quantities so off in that scenario that the overlap is minimal and not worth pursuing?
Is there a middle ground where the high value chips in the cash set overlap with the low value chips in the tournament sets, or are the chip quantities so off in that scenario that the overlap is minimal and not worth pursuing?

There is, buy we don't recommend doing it. What if someone 'loses' a low denom tourney chip which then mysteriously appears during cash night and 'accidentally' redeemed for high value?

If you're going to the trouble of acquiring good chips for your games, you might as well maximize their security.
Thanks Fran - you know i had read that weeks ago but now I read it again I see that half my questions are already answered in there ...

get samples
don't run a cash game and a tournament game off the same set
wat chip values are suggested
did I mention to get samples ?
I was in a similar spot a few months ago. My advice, get lots of samples, take your time and really see what you like and what your willing to spend on quality clay chips or if you will be happy with plastics.
also... GET SAMPLES.
Hello and welcome to PCF! I would echo getting samples. Sounds like you need a cash set and a tournament set. The questions that you need to ask yourself are what is your budget? That will help you decide which chips you want for your "first chip set".
You'll be happier in the long run getting a tournent set and a cash set. Well, at least that is what makes me happier. Haha.

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