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Hi all I copied and pasted this interview of Casino Mogul Inigo Montoya from DGM magazine. One of my favorite Magazines as I am a degenerate. I thought it was great look into the Casino and it's chips. I don't have actual pictures of the Casino Chips in hand hopefully I will see all the chips in August.

Degenerate Gambler Magazine

July 6th, 2020

Interview with Casino Mogul Inigo Montoya

Hi Inigo how are you? The last time the public has heard from you or seen you is when you and your pals Westley and Fezzik stormed da castle and saved Princess Buttercup. What have you been up to since?

IM: Well after that infamous night I took a few days off to relax. Then I met up with Westley and I took over as the “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Westley was great as he shared all the information he had with me. Then off I went to sail the high seas as the Dread Pirate Roberts pillage and plundering from all the enemies of Florin who entered our waters.

DGM: I see so you took over being Dread Pirate Roberts from Westley. How long did you do it? Did you enjoy it? Did you see success?

IM: I did it for about 10 years. We were highly successful, and I enjoyed every second of it. Being the Dread Pirate Roberts gave me a pretty comfortable living. It also didn’t hurt to have my right-hand man Fezzik sailing the seas with me all those years.

DGM: Great. So why did you quit the business if you were highly successful and making good money?

IM: 10 years I felt was long enough to be the Dread Pirate Roberts. Weeks and even months at sea can take its toll. Sure, the money was great, but there is more to life than money.

DGM: What have you been up to now?

IM: Well since I left the Pirate business I’ve moved back to Florin and with the blessing of King Westley and Queen Buttercup I’ve opened the premier Casino in Florin called Casino Inigo.

DGM: Could you tell us about the casino?

IM: The Casino is a Five Star Casino located near the Cliffs of Insanity with beautiful views of the sea. We have 3,000 rooms with about 500 high end suites. We have some of the finest restaurants in the Kingdom such as Villa Vizzini Italian Gourmet, Steakhouse INIGO, or Miracle Max’s M.L.T. Deli. Or if you want common village fare, we have The Kings Buffet. There is the Albino’s Spa and Retreat which is the most beautiful place to relax and unwind. If you want to give your muscles a stretch this is the place. Oh, how can I forget the World Class Gaming we have. We have over 150 Tables for high rollers featuring Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, Let It Ride, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Sic Bo, and who can forget my favorite game at our casino The Wheel of Chance. We also have the best Poker Room in the world. It has 80 tables of the highest poker limits you’ll find anywhere in the world. Also we run the best tournaments anywhere. We run high buy-in Tournaments with the biggest payouts you can find. We get the best players from all over the world. Our poker room and players that we get are unmatched anywhere. We’ve been in operation for about 5 years now and we keep growing the business every year.

DGM: That is awesome! Here at DGM we love all types of Casino Chips and like to explore the Chips used by Casinos. Could you explain to us what type of Casino Chips you guys use?

IM: Sure. For the cash chips on the Casino floor we use a Chinese Manufacturer for our chips. For confidentiality reasons I cannot reveal their name. They are very reliable and great to deal with. They are able to produce us a high volume of chips at a great price. For the cash design below we used our go to designer Tim. He nailed it out of the park on this. On the rolling edges we used phrases that I love from times in my life that mean a lot to me.



For the Tournament Chips we went with another Chinese company Sunfly. We are able to disclose their name because the Tournament chips have no cash value and are very hard to duplicate. We only have high denomination tournament chips because we run the highest buy-in tournaments in the World with the highest prize payouts anywhere. If you want to play in $100 Buy-In Tournaments please go to the common man casinos they have in Guilder. Please see the Tournament designs below.


DGM: Do you guys use RFID in your chips?

IM: I don’t see the need. We have the best security in the world “THE BRUTE SQUAD”. People don’t dare steal or cheat at our Casino.

DGM: We heard about your Legendary Dealer Buttons. What’s that all about?

IM: I felt we needed to not have the standard white Dealer Buttons that every Casino in the world has and not have the one that every dice chip home gamer uses. I felt it would be great to design a button to pay homage to one of my best friends Fezzik. If you see below his face is prominent on our two Dealer Buttons. Currently he’s the Director in charge of the Casino’s Brute Squad. After I stopped being the Dread Pirate Roberts Fezzik moved to North America for a few years and tried out this sport called Professional Wrestling. They called him Andre and he was supposedly from Grenoble, France if you could believe that.


DGM: Thanks for your time Inigo.

IM: Thanks! I enjoyed it. I want everyone to come out to our Casino and have the time of your life and possibly win some money in the process.

:clubs::diamonds::hearts::spades:Interview was conducted for DGM magazine by Count De Monet :clubs::diamonds::hearts::spades:
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Ohhh..... awesome. Mine and my wife’s fav movie! Even used quotes at our wedding

Where is the samples sale for that cash set and dealer button!
Cool set!

I have not idea whats they are for but I have seen a 'kill' button used at the table sometimes (or at least photos of such buttons). You should get some made up that have 'you killed my father prepare to die' :wow:
If anyone is interested there is a PCF Raffle that will run until Monday the 17th for a chance to win the Full Casino Inigo Sample set below with 2 Dealer Buttons and a bonus of a new copy of the Princes Bride 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray. The link is below.

After that raffle is over and drawn I will have 4 sample sets of Cash, Tournament (No Bounty Chip), and 2 Dealer Buttons that I will sell for $24 for the sample sets shipped in the US. World wide you may need to add $6. I might have 5 sets, but should have 4 sets for now. It will not be for sale on this thread so I will post a new for sale thread closer to the 17th and figure out an equitable way for everyone to have a shot at the samples and not just by whoever is online at the time.


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