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Mar 26, 2013
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@ Tommy if this is the wrong forum please feel free change it in the right one!

Depend on the interest i start to offer custom plexi buttons in the next 2 weeks. I create the buttons with my own laser and can guarantee a high premium quality! The edges are clear and 100% straight!

Diameter 80mm
Thickness 10mm

The price per button with personalized artwork is 12.50€. No minimum order quantity!! Shipping is 5.50€ for up to 3 buttons. If you need more please ask for a quote!

Probably the sale is a ONE WEEK SALE only! After the sale i do not offer those buttons in quantity of less than 3!!!

I need 1bit Bitmaps in 300dpi or higher! The better the artwork the better the result. Vector files will work as well!

If you are interested in a high quality acrylic button... Here is your chance!

I will start the sale if there is enough interest in those buttons..! Please post here the amount you are interested to buy. Do not send me a pm now!




I'm in for two. I'll send you the artwork, already have it. ;)
Got my buttons the other day. They look great! I'll try and get some pics up soon.
Where can I get one of those Player's Club cards? LOL You going to comp me a free night at your house! :)
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