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Cancelled Imperial Plaza Tournament Sample Sets (SunFly PolyInno aka Hybrid) (1 Viewer)

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Oct 6, 2021
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Greer, SC
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I acquired this unique tournament set from @PlaidDragon several months ago, and with his approval, as well as from the designer @Quicksilver-75, I ordered some additional chips to fill out the set to where I wanted. Meeting minimum order per denomination left me with some extra chips, so up for offer to the community, I have the following:


$15 shipped* - 4 full sample sets with 1 chip each of T25, T00, T500, T2000, T10000, T50000.

$14 shipped* - 10 additional sample sets of 1 chip each of T25, T00, T500, T2000, T10000 (no T50,000).

If you also want one or more of the dealer buttons, please take $5 off of your combined total (Imperial Plaza Dealer Buttons).

Note the two different languages on the different sides of the chip - cool detail.

*included shipping is via USPS 1st class for Continental US. No insurance is provided,and my liability stops upon delivery to USPS. Payment via PayPal F&F or buyer pays fees.

I flaked and forgot to put in my sign with date and username. If you want more pics, let me know!
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