I'm new and would love ideas for tournament sets


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Mar 28, 2021
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Newberg, Oregon
I am new on the forum and I am wanting to put together a clay set. Right now I'm thinking about a custom set through classic poker chips. Can I see what others have done or do you have any suggestions for starting denominations? Right now I'm thinking about buying T100, T500, T1000, T5000.

Blessings and thanks.


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Dec 29, 2017
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Make sure you have the right breakdown for your starting stack needs, colour ups, and rebuys, so you don't accidentally over/underspend. If you are going with CPC, you should get some mold and colour samples. Let me warn you, the poker chip design tool is a real time sink.


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Nov 14, 2020
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Design Ideas

- do you have a nickname, theme song or a general idea/activity/movie/book/life event that is important to you?
- do you have a pet, loved one or other that you would like to celebrate/commemorate or simply name?
- Were you the member of a club or group in your youth you wish to continue?
- Is there a casino, movie or gambling theme that appeals to you more than others?
- what kind of job or hobbies do you enjoy?
- Does your name/theme/etc... jive with any of the mold designs.

just some starting questions to ask yourself before creating a personal set.

like others have said
- confirm the breakdown you want so as to not require a repeat order or change later
- decide on the number of players your set will cover
- decide on a price point you are comfortable with....plain chips are much cheaper than when you get creative on the design tool with edge spots.

For my set I wanted an old time looking set that would very much fit in the old time underground club theme. For years the term used in my family for a night of drinking with friends, playing cards and wasting time etc... would be called joining or spending time at "The Sloth Club".... The term originated with my Aunt who has a cabin in Costa Rica and the cabin itself is "The Sloth Club" after my aunt frequently finds sloths in the cabin on their return there. They spend 6mo in Canada and 6 mo in Costa Rica....(long story on how they made their $ that is far too interesting to share online lol) anyway. Fast Forward....what would be the appropriate name for my card club well "The Sloth Club" of course. I did not want a fancy exotic label with colours etc....even though it was possible....I wanted a simple label like some of the old clubs.... attached below is one chip that was a bit of inspiration for my set. Other old chips I liked were the playboy club etc... all with simple level 1 edgespots and black and white labels. So I threw this design together myself and then with some help revised the design for a second custom order of cards mold chips. My CPC order is still pending, ordered in November last year and no date yet, I was told likely June at time of order but things could be pushed back due to Covid complications with production. Many people have much fancier designs etc but this is what I wanted for my sets. both are cash/tourney sets to cover both cash/tourney's out of the same sets without playing the same chip on either table. This avoids anyone trying to play a tourney chip as a cash chip and breaking your bank unscrupulously. My sets are large though and the Primary CPC set with work for a cash table of .25/,25 to 1/2NL and up to 4 tables for a tournament...with the Secondary Cards mold chips good for .05/.05 to 5/10NL and tournaments of up to 5 tables. This set could be played concurrently I suppose as well. I went with more exotic edgespots on my cards mold chips than I could afford on the Primary set of CPC's. Hopefully the combination works out well.


Primary CPC design (on order)

Secondary Card mold chips, (in the mail) Notice the general colours for each denomination remain the same/similar with difference edge spots and labels...so a brown chips is still 0.25 cents and a light blue chip is still $1, green $25 etc... (but you could do whatever you want it would be your set)

China Clay Sloth Club Secondary.png
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