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Nov 5, 2014
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Canada - East-->
Hey gang,

I'm considering revamping the Canadian themed chips I was working on years ago and am looking for anyone willing to update the design a bit. I was going to take advantage of the "let the new kid" offer with Palm so they'll be picking the edge patterns.

I have the images in .psd format so I'm not sure if Palm needs them in Illustrator format, or if that's a big task at all.

dollar brown copy.jpgfive copy.jpghundo copy.jpgquarter copy.jpgtwenty-five copy.jpgdollar copy.jpg

So what I would like done (and I know this may be a lot to ask) is...

  • for the Canadian themed images to look less like a colored photo of our Canadian currency, and more like an illustration.
  • a solution to the edge spots. Should I leave them and hope for a cohesive edgespot or should I do something that keeps the design away from the edge of the chip
  • the blue background to be a much lighter blue. Almost white.

In exchange I will gladly ship you a sample set once it's complete along with credit for the design updates when it comes time to post pr0n. :D

Also, what do yas think? Blue silver dollar or Gold Loonie?


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