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Nov 6, 2014
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I don't have it. I'm sure i have been exposed 100 times over by now due to my work environment.

Choose which set of mine that you would like. Use this thread to tell me what you like about the sets, hate about them, whatever. Don't care. I love them all, and that's what matters.

I won't be offended if you say they all suck.

1. CPC Sunsets, 1200 ish chips. 200 x .25, 400 x 1, 450 x 5, 200 x 25, 50 x 100

2. CPC Bourbons, 600 ish chips, 120 x .25, 200 x 1, 200 x 5, 100 x 20, 20 x 100

3. Paulson THC flvs, 100 x rhc yellow roulettes, 200 ish blue ones ( ncv, capital city 20s, and flvs 1s mixed together), 200 x 5, 100 x 500 flvs relabed at 25s

4. BRPRO ABC Blanks, 100 x .25, 1500 x 1, 400 ish x 5, 100 ish x 25, 40 x 100, 20 x 500

I don't hate any of your sets Bill! Hard choice between the Sunsets and the Burbons, but I do prefer the "B" mold over the "FDL" mold... I like the meaning and inspiration behind the sunsets! But I also love quarter pies so, the Burbons would be my choice Bill! But they are all awesome in their own way buddy!! Always your chipping buddy Ben
I really appreciate the love and dedication you have for your family, for me it would be the sunsets no doubt. I wouldn’t play them though, I’d forward them to Tommy to hold until your grandson or another family member decides they want to play some games with them. Only one rule for them: no Hold Em’ with your chips. Ever. ;)
Can we choose from all the sets you've had before? That would be more fun. I'll take the TRK's

The FDL mold is about my 5th favorite mold. It worked best for my theme so I rolled with it. I'm very happy that I did. Its my favorite set because of the reason that I created it.

If we take the "reason" out of it. Then it would have to be the flvs paulson's. Holy shit, the feel of the THC chips are amazing. The spots on the one are probably my all time favorite spots!!!

Now if I had to classify my "most fun" set. It would have to be the parks and rec set.
All custom sets should be returned to the artist that brought your vision to life :)

LOL............... You earned the right to acquire the parks and rec set. Thank you sir for the fantastic work and patience that you had with me. I truly appreciate it.
The Bourbon itself (the remaining whisky):)
Too many people already with dibbs on the Bourbon chips.
We 're too young to die, anyway.:)
If the China Virus had taken you when you still had China Chips, I would have taken the China Chips.
Well we have walked the beach together and seen a sunset. But, Bourbons. It’s the integral DetroitDad set, it’s the bourbon basement, if I take these chips I probably have best chance at taking the table, etc.

I’d even have a commemorative chip made for your passing, a “pour a little out for the homie” chip.
Sunsets. It is the only set of yours I have got to use a few times so I have a connection to it. It is the set you hold the most personal value as well so that makes it more valuable to me s well.

Plus it is the only set that would be big enough to be useable in my game without adding on more chips.
Well, even though I don't drink I'd probably say the Bourbons. I had a really good night with them the last time I played and I think it would be a great set to remember you by. Plus I've already harvested a shit ton of them.....

Sunsets next.

But I'd rather have you around so please don't die.
Great thread!!!

For me, since this is your death we are talking of here, it's gonna have to be the CPC Bourbons. I love CPC as it is, and in order to keep alive, the Sunset theme (I have cut cards), only the Bourbons will do!:tup:

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