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May 6, 2013
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I play in a tournament every fortnight. After the game there is sometimes a cash game.

Last game there was only 3 of us left and decided to just play dealers choice games for $20. Played LO, 5 card draw, 7 card stud and pineapple.

Any others we could try? Must be high only games. (It's taken me ages just to get this far, I tried 2-7 once and heads almost exploded)

Thanks in advance.
Crazy pineapple, Super Holdem (with 3 cards) all fun :)

Maybe even chinese poker. 3 handed its a lot of fun and action as well
What's the pineapple version where you discard at the river?
Open Faced Chinese with less than 4 is always good. OFC pineapple is even more fun.
Oh yeah I meant Open face chinese of course.
Regular chinese is low.
And for OFC I'd strongly recommend the pineapple version (3 players max)
Ludicrous pineapple

Dealt 4. Discard 1 after the flop and 1 after the turn
2-7 Triple Draw Lowball is going to be more complicated, have you considered Badugi? You get four hole cards, your object is to get one hole card of each suit that isn't paired. It is a lowball game, so the nuts is A234 all of different suits.

You get three draws to try and make your hand. If no one has a Badugi by the end, then you go to the best three-card hand (A23 of different suits being the nuts in that instance)

A lot easier to pickup than 2-7 where you can't make straights or flushes.


Two down cards, like Hold'em.

Three flops, two turns, one river, arranged as:


All flops dealt at once; both turns dealt at once.

If you play flop A, you must use the top turn card.

If you use flop C, you must use the bottom turn card.

If you use flop B, you may use either turn card.

Excellent game -- not a lot of outrageous hands.

Can also be played with four down cards, called OmaChow, but the hands get a bit wild.

Can also be played hi/lo(8), as a mental challenge. :cool:

(The name comes from the inventor, Mike Chow. The World Chowaha Championship is played each January at the EMBARGO gathering in Las Vegas.)
for a simple variation on a game the guys already know, play super stud (AKA pitch and bitch roll your own). each player gets 4 cards, discards 1, and rolls his own door card. then the hand proceeds as a typical 7 stud hand.
Seven Twenty-Seven is my groups go-to. Not for everyone, but can be really fun and spreads the chips around.
Courchevel is fun, has the action and the hands do not take as long as SOHE.

We play an ante game called Triple Threat when we get 3-4 handed and also for an hourly hand. This is a game you can play at work and keep score with pen/paper.

Its kind of like pineapple but there is only an ante in the beginning, (we make side bets along the way though)

1. After the ante, (we ante $1) each player gets 3 cards and they must discard one PF. Then each player sets those cards down and puts a chip on them.

2. The flop is dealt and then each player gets another three cards (which they cant mix with their others). They must then discard one of the new 3.

3. Now each player has 2 separate holdem hands. The turn is dealt and each player must discard one hand.

4. Once everyone has discarded, you can flip up your hand and the river is dealt.

Since there is no betting it helps with the swings.

This is a great game to play for an hourly. Most home games that do an hourly will just run hand face up. Triple Threat gives the players control and lets them play the hand all the way out without having to sacrifice anything besides the juice. (ante)
You just have to make sure people dont mix their hands. Dealer must watch. Make the players put a chip on their cards etc.

We rake for an hourly then see if anyone wants to juice it. Everyone always does and then we play a hand of triple threat. A hell of a lot better than running a hand face up.

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