I Just Hit a BBJ (2 Viewers)


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Apr 28, 2013
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Memphis, TN
Those are my pocket 5s. My share is going to be 21k. Omg!

Super stoked.... Only problem what's the appropriate tip for the dealer and floor here?

I’ve played in dealer games, no matter how much you tip it won’t be enough to them lol! Every dealer complains about how much people tip when they win a big pot.
This is home base for me. Something about shitting where you eat applies I think.
Fair call, but tipping such a large amount seems odd to me. I understand the whole tipping to make up the wage part of it, but having them share in your win seems bizarre.

Then again, I come from a place that doesn't tip.

Congrats on the win though. Really happy for you
Fantastic news! I’d go $200 via ten $20s right away. After tax you are looking at a $10k win. You can then tip a bit extra every time they deal for you as a constant thank you.
I like this. Allows you to bask in their thankfulness over time instead just a wham bam thank you ma’am. Amortize that glowing feeling.
Wow! That's awesome! Is it 1/2? I guess I would probably tip a buy in? $200 sounds fair...
Congrats!! I’d do a few hundred. Dealer is still getting tips and you are the one risking money to play every night. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Btw did you flop quads or river quads?

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