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Dec 24, 2013
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This is a bit of a confession. I am a bad person. Some on this forum would say a "Terrible" person.

Some of you know that I purchased some Garden City chips from Nico (PCF member "Don Clay") a few weeks back. What you don't know is that Nico also offered another item for me to purchase.

I bought this other item from Nico.

Did I need this other item? No.

Did this other item complete, or even significantly add to an existing collection? No.

Did I even really want this item that badly (Terribly)? No.

So why did I buy this item? Mostly, just because it might have proved to be something Terrible that you Terrible's addicts out there didn't already have. (I think that scores rather high in the categories of both "vanity" and "meanness".)

Here's an older photo of the item, a Terrible's bridge sized cut card in metallic silver (pretty much identical to the finish on a silver iPad):


But wait...

That's not all.

There's more.

I'm actually a REALLY bad person. (I try to keep remembering that confession is good for the soul.)

On multiple occasions, I've witnessed the horrific re-labeling of perfectly good and desirable casino chips to become fake (COUNTERFEIT) Terrible's chips. I've even seen CANNIBALISM - re-labeling of perfectly good REAL Terrible's chips of one type, only to become a FAKE Terrible's chip of another type. (What kind of a world do we live in?)

Add to that, the fact that I've been working to build a collection of nice Empress chips.

An idea was formed.

Here's a more recent photo of the Terrible's cut card, now with a razor sharp, beautiful, and professionally applied laminated vinyl label:


Yup... a Terrible person I am.

(Gosh it feels good to get all that off my chest.)

Thanks for reading.
The killer here is that he bought a bridge size cut card and uses poker sized cards (Modiano Platinum Acetates and Desjgn CV's). I have to commend you on your choice of cards.
The killer here is that he bought a bridge size cut card and uses poker sized cards (Modiano Platinum Acetates and Desjgn CV's). I have to commend you on your choice of cards.
Yeah, that was an unintentional pr0nogr@phic faux-pas on my part. To be clear, I don't use that cut card with THOSE cards!

I do have some bridge sized DaVinci's and KEM WSOP decks, though. The Desjgn Classic Victorians, recently acquired from Jason, pretty much immediately jumped to the top of my list of favorite cards after a two table cash game at my place last Thursday night, joining my previous favorite four color Copags and Modiano Platinums.
Lol you are a terrible person (and not in a good way either :p). I don't feel too bad though because I've got 4 of those cutcards :D
I have this feeling that sometime in the near future, ski is going to have a Terrible's image for his forum avatar. :x
damn ! those modiano and desjgn cards are terribles !

Nice idea using the razor sharp & laminated vinyl label to modify the cutcard ;-)

I'll guess telling these turns me in a bad person too Tim ?
Oh thank the lord I thought you covered the Terrible's cut card with an Empress sticker lol

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