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Jul 26, 2015
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Portland, Oregon
Hi all, although I made this PCF account in 2015, I only got sucked into chipping in June of 2018. Soon, I had spent more money than I wanted to but enjoyed every second of it. Still there was something missing. Something that I was afraid of admitting to myself because I knew it was going to set me back another couple grand. However on October 5, I wrote that fateful message to none other than @T_Chan :


Soon after that, I wrote an email to @Johnny5 :

Now, it's been over a year and I believe I'm in the final leg of this insane but amazing experience. I still have some minor choices to make (and I'll be asking for your opinons) but overall, I am looking forward to sharing the exciting and often painful process of making my first ever poker table for the Chandran Cardroom!

However, before I go any further I must thank both @T_Chan and @Johnny5 for their saintlike patience with me so far. I can guarantee you won't ever go wrong with either of them!
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Ah I did remove it the first time, but the image didn't save properly and forgot about it the second time around. Thanks for the reminder!

Edit: Updated the pic.
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