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Nov 22, 2018
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Alright, well, I’m stuck in a house in a foreign country, can’t really enjoy my normal outlet of buying and selling chips, and our family has been absolutely kicked in the teeth pretty damn hard by this damn epidemic. Time for an outlet. Doing a giveaway, all with items procured from our very own PCF vendors!

Say “in“ if you’ve done something objectively kind on here in the last year. Link to or just mention what it is/was. Feel free to enter someone on their behalf for a kindness they did.
No limits on who you input, just try and make it from a worthwhile interaction instead of the same old circle of friends.

Vendors & Prizes! (all of whom themselves would normally meet the criteria here!)

I was attempting to purchase some samples from previous sales for the giveaway, but unfortunately they were out.
However, Jim was exceptionally kind, and has offered this as a prize. An example of the kindness and kind of gesture we want to recognize.

ABC Gifts and Awards


Some of the best sellers from one of everyone's favorite producer of cards and setups! (go checkout the newest releases if you haven't already!)




Set of 4 CUSTOM coasters with your personal card room or design on them. Seen below, coasters for Jeeps BA custom set, Enchanted Card Room.
A lot going on now, but much like 3D PPP, Jeep’s potential offerings are limitless.

Josh Kifer (Kifer Milling Co.)
Milling services for any HotStamp rack free. Get your boot to work on that set you’ve been planning! (Or getting beautiful chips like the one below together)

One Eyed Dollar (3D Printed Poker Products)
People have started showing some Pr0n of these goods. Pair of 39mm Racker Stackers,
card trays, and shuffle stack racks. Winner(s) will be able to choose their own colors (some awesome items coming soon as well!)

Potsie1 (Holdem Poker Chips)

Potsie never stops churning out goods for us. Plethora of CC designs headed out your way!


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@AK Chip
@Lil Tuna
@David O
@Seeking Alpha Social Club
@i'm nobody
@One Eyed Dollar
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@Chippy McChiperson
@Chris Manzoni
@Richard Cranium
@Marc Hedrick
@Señor Tony
@Don Clay
@ADS Aviator
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I’ll go ahead and get this started. @Nuhockey up in this bitch for the giveaways he’s done and continues to do. Large or small, random pick or playing hands, he’s been pretty consistent lately at trying to throw some good out there.

Thanks man for giving people something to look forward to.
I'd like to nominate @Forty4 for his awesome and generous sample pack for newbie's.

I'd also nominate @kaimat for his Social Distancing FREEROLL giveaway. So nice and generous!
I nominate @horseshoez for sending me a chip to complete a sample set of mine, free of charge, only because he heard from someone else here that I was looking for it. Zaki is a class act all the way!
That’s legit. I love the little thoughtful surprises, often the most meaningful.
In please.

I held a small giveaway a few months back. Not much, but I'm so happy to be a member here and contributing to the community.

A few people I would like to nominate of the top of my head. There are many more small and big acts of kindness around here though, but trying to limit it so here's two: (one already entered)

- @Ethan for being my reshipper/buddy and helping me with the struggle of being an international chipper!
- @TunnelMoney for sending me a Fat hat and cane chip free of charge! I reached out to him asking if he had a lead on any because I really wanted a sample in my collection. He lead me in the right direction and also simply sent me one free of charge! Thank you, sir.
I can't believe @Jeevansluck hasn't been nominated yet either. I can't think of anyone else here that is more generous with their time and enthusiasm for the hobby. Although I didn't participate, he has also run multiple giveaways for new members here and has been a huge positive contributor to the forum and chipping community as a whole.
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