How would you define being a "Successful Poker Player" - for yourself? (1 Viewer)

Quad Johnson

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May 28, 2018
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Cape Coral, FL
I'm in the black lifetime but that's due to putting in obscene volume at the microstakes online for profit for $10k-$12k/year during the 00's before black Friday. I consider that successful. Boring as hell but successful and I appreciated the side income during the recession of the 00's.

I'm still riding in the black from that and typically crush most microstakes home games up to $50NL cash or $50 buy-in tournaments. That says far more about the quality of the fields I've been in than it does about my own play.

Now I'm content with staying in the black on my bankroll tracker app. I'll play home games until I'm a buy-in or two up to go to my local poker room and take shots at $200NL.

So long as I'm tracking my results and don't appear as a losing player post black Friday, I'm content. That mainly consists of crushing small home games and then losing said winnings at the local card room. The neverending cycle of money in poker.
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May 31, 2022
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For me success was always determined by being profitable and specifically removing money from the game. Growing my bankroll was always good but to me real success was cashing a check and taking profit out of the game.

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