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Apr 1, 2013
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I use to play every weekend at my friends garage, but I don't have the time for that anymore, because I'm so focused on building a poker business. I'd like to get back into playing some home poker games soon, because those we're some fun times.

What about you? How often do you play home poker games?
Not as much as I would like to. Used to be twice a week regularly, one tournament, one cash game. Hope that changes for me soon.
I used to do it about once a week, but it's kind of dwindled down to once a month with a group of friends. I'm hoping once summer comes that'll pick up again, we used to play a lot outside, drinking beers. Just thinking about it makes me want the weather to warm up already!
It used to be me and a couple of my close friends would meet up every Sunday to sit around have a few brews and play. Since a couple of my friends have started to work weekend we are trying to find a day that works for all, but its been tough. Honestly I just like that I can relax and talk in good company for a while.
Not often enough!
Normally our little group of friends just try to find some time to clear in our (collective) schedules. Due to work, study, family and so on, the windows of opportunity are rather rare. Roughly once every two months I'd say although sometimes it can be more or less. The most is usually once a month. It's a shame it can't be more often or at least more regular.
I used to do it once every weekend and sometimes twice on a weekend like one day on Friday and the other on Saturday.
It usually depended on the person who was bringing beer because we wouldn't play without it for some reason. Lol.
I used to play in different home-games at least once a week, but nowadays my main focus lays on online poker.

Home-games are fun, but you really can´t get much volume in and I also don´t really want to beat friends out of their money.

I still join a home-game once in a while, but then purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit.
I used to play twice a week in a friendly game at my house. It was more about bragging rights between friends. After I moved I couldn't find anyone as interested as me. So I am stuck playing silly games on phone and internet. Will be glad when playing online laws are changed here in US.
I used to play every weekend at one of my friend's house. Poker beer and girl, still didn't found anything better than that!! :p
I typical play at least every two weeks with some buddies. It used to be a lot more often, but it's died down a bit, but that makes it even better and every game more valuable. We play for money of course, but not that much, just enough to make each game worth something. Great times.
Every weekend me and my buds would get together and play. We haven't done it for a while, we always have a good time with a few beers. THe last time we played I took all their money, maybe that's why we haven't played.
Once a month I host and have done so for, oh, 6+ years. I also host several small (3 table or less) fundraisers and take the "show on the road" once a year for a big fundraiser (9-10 tables). Always fun
I host mine once a month, and average around 40 per game. There is a lot of poker around me, and I could play every weekend if I wanted to. I have found that I was playing too much, and neglecting some important things (family), so I only play around 2 times per month. I don't play in casinos at all; that is, until the new one opens a poker room around August (Maryland Live!).

I used to do it once every weekend and sometimes twice on a weekend like one day on Friday and the other on Saturday.
It usually depended on the person who was bringing beer because we wouldn't play without it for some reason. Lol.

Yeah, you need beer for home games, because poker is a lot more fun when your drinking.
I play about twice a month with some friends. Its fun because that is the time we get together and really talk about different things. I cannot play as often as I use to due to other obligations, but I do always make it note to play at least a couple of games every month. Sometimes we play for money and sometimes we play just for fun, but either way we have a good time playing.
Used to make it a weekly thing back at uni, but since then its been few and far between.

For me its always been the best way to socialise with the boys! Nothing like a good night in with a few drinks and a bite to eat and a good game of poker trying to get one over your mates!
In the winter we get together every three weeks for league poker and there is one I got to if I can about once a month

In the summer we try to have one every month or so
Our league runs once every three weeks from Sept to April/May, and we try to have the odd game in between if there's interest. Another group I play with has a game about once every two months or so.
I play in a fall/winter league as well. Last year we had 30 guys on 3 tables in the hosts basement. Tight quarters and I don't think his wife or neighbors were too happy about it, but we play every 2 weeks without a hitch during the season. Aside from that though I really don't care for raked home games and would rather just go to a casino to play where there will be a floor to enforce rules and things. People put up with so much shady stuff at home games. I actually stormed out of one a couple weeks ago due to 2 players doing funny stuff. Told the host I wanted to cash out after 20 minutes of playing with them.
Not as much as I'd like to or used to. My friends and I used to play every day, then every other day, then once a month and now it's been years. I do miss it, but it's just a lot harder to get everyone together like we used to.
Yeah it's like pulling teeth to get games going lately. Everyone is busy camping, doing stuff with their kids, taking vacations, wife won't let them, etc. Stinks.
I do it every now and then. i would like to play more but my friends aren't that much into that game and it's hard to find people you can play with and you actually like.
I attend two monthly games one I host and one is at a friends house. I also play in a weekly tournament online. Any more then that I am sure my wife would start hassling me.
The home league I've played in for the past few years is starting back up in a few weeks. Don't think I'm gonna be playing this year though as I'm short on funds and collection week is 2 weeks away = (
Certainly not enough these days. I used to play poker and some other card games with family and friends at least once a week. Now, its a pretty rare occasion.
Playing a tournament about every 6 weeks now, moving to a different player's house each time. Got 14 people in the pool of players which is plenty because I'm the one who has to do all the organising. That's been going for about 2 years now.
I host a game once a month but I'd like to make it more often if possible. The problem is several of my regulars have a 2+ hour drive so once a month is really all they can swing at this point.

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