How many sets have you sold that you told yourself you'd never sale? (5 Viewers)

How many sets have you sold that you told yourself you'd never sale?

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Only 1 so far! Really thought I’d like the BCC Tmold tournament set but it just really didn’t inspire me and my group was underwhelmed.
15+ sets including tournament (7+) and cash (8+) sets and no plans to ever sell any of them. I have at least 30 yrs of poker playing left and need to be stocked up.
Stardust poker Mansion cash
stardust poker Mansion Tournament
BCC Fun Nite - bought and sold 3 times
Gopherbluesman BCC Grand Cardroom
50mm BCC Grand Cardroom
Bahamia Tournament set
FLV cash and Tournament
Inplay Clay 1200 chip tournament set on C & S
Others too many to mention - each time I said ‘ This is the set I want to keep forever’. My wife knows everything is temporary.
All of them
But really

TRK rounders cash set
TRK deadwoods tourney set
Bcc high roller cash set
Foxwoods twice
Delta clubs
Asm roman mold rounders
Samurai’s three times
MGM cash set
Blue chip cash set
Arc yellow nagb set

Soo many regrets but many of these were sold early in my marriage out of desperation when money was short


Vineyards and Ojibwas might be my next regrets
One. I sold my CDI98 cash denoms in order to purchase some tourney denoms to complete a set. I'm sure I died inside, telling myself it was a good trade.

Eventually I re-collected a way bigger cash set and a way way way bigger tournament set, so I guess it wasn't really a loss after all.
Our wives should be supporting our chip-swapping. Some of us begin to reflect on how we could have done better. Chips don't nag us. Chip-swapping fulfills a need.
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Just 1 for me, maybe 1.5 if you count splitting off a piece of a bigger set. Neither were anything crazy by most people’s standards.

I bought a Horseshoe Cleveland cash set in 2017-2018 and had planned on that being my forever set for nostalgic reasons. Part of it got stolen, sold what I had left, bought another one, sold that to fund another set that came up, bought another one, sold that, then eventually bought customs.

I managed to hold onto a STT set of the tournament chips though, which I still maintain I’ll never sell. Until I do.

I do still have (some of) these. My favorite chip, despite the oversized inlay and RHC hate around here. I did sell some of those too, though I wouldn’t call it enough to be considered a set.


BCC samurai palace set. (half my players couldn't read the denomination)
Horseshoe Cleveland secondaries (just selling now)
WTHC Cash set (I kept the tournament set and made it bigger, but my cash set was always pretty small)

The "never sell" stance I had on a few more of my sets is starting to soften to a "maybe I don't NEED to keep these"..
I have way too many playable cash sets, so I am making decisions now on which to sell that I thought I probably wouldn't sell 10+ years ago. It's not really a question of needing the money but I have other hobbies and could use the cash for those while still keeping a few playable cash sets. As much as I like my PNY set, it's probably going on the block soon, they are mint chips and I'll probably never run a game with them now. I might keep a decent set of paulsons and chipcos or maybe just make a new custom set and sell the old school ones. The way the chips won't be mint Paulsons and I wouldn't have to panic if someone forgets to wipe the fingers after eating some pizza or chicken wings and returning to the table. LOL
I enjoyed selling and buying new sets to use, so I unlikely to stop selling unless I quits poker altogether.

I think being able to hold most if not all the value after use is the best benefit of collecting poker chips, that way I get to play with way more different sets by selling and buying seasonally
One. My giant PCR v2 cash set. An all-time favorite. But once I finished my custom spotted THC set it was never gonna get in play, so.

PCRs-Versa copy.jpeg

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