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Oct 28, 2014
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i stuck this in the home game section because that's where we usually have the most control over this issue, but it applies to casinos as well.

my personal preference is to have basically all $1s and $5s for $1/2 NL and mostly $1s and $5s with a smattering of $25s in $2/5 NL. i just like stacks and stacks and stacks. i remember Leonard stating the preference years ago for skipping $25s in $1/2 NL games where larger denoms were needed, preferring to just use $1s, $5s, and $100s.

i can see the other side of it, too, though, from a chip nerd view: you get to show off more chips the more denoms you have on the table.

and our preferences obviously dictate our personal sets' breakdowns. i tend to have a lot of $5s in my sets to accommodate my preference, but i often wish i liked have more denoms on the table as it would save me significant money by buying fewer high denoms rather than tons of workhorse chips.
I can go simple 1,5, 20 or go nerdy :) 1,2,5,10, 20, 100 lots of colors , nice
Playing 0.50/1 we start for 8 players with
startstack 10-30-13
for the initial rebuys I hand out stacks of 5s
once it gets messy I start handing out 25s. Very rarely a hundo in play (for the fun)
so 3 denom to start with and then bring a 4th later on.
Mostly the workhorse chips (i.e. 1 and 5) with a smattering of 25 and 100 chips available as well.
We usually play 25c/50c and people get upset if I try to get all 4 racks of the quarters on the table, but I like to hand out 3 stacks in a rack for the $125 max buyins (20 quarters, 20 dollars, 20 redbirds). I personally hate rebuying and getting handed 5 or 6 high denom chips and having to make change at the table and bother people.

Most of the time for rebuys people just want $5s but I'll try to at least slip in $1 chips as well. Stacks get big at the end of the night but not unmanageable (unless Tim and I get it in and we're shipping like 4 racks to each other, lol).

I've got almost 9 racks of $5s so if I get through all those and have to break out the black chips it's a good game. Usually happens when I have 2 or more cash tables going. At BBOTB4 I used all of the $5s, all of the $20s (200), and most of the $100s. Nothing quite like seeing all of your chips in play across multiple tables, it's kinda cool.

My game is a deep .25-.50 $100 buy-in game. I don't like lots of chips on the table... I take that back... I don't mind lots of chips on the table... but I hate it when people bet lots of small chips when they could bet a couple larger chips. As an all-time dealer in my home game, its annoying... so I try to keep a minimum number of blind chips on the table. This hopefully encourages people to bet 4 x $1 rather than 16x $.25. Similarly, I prefer them to bet a $25 and a few $5 rather than two barrels of $1. As a player, I don't care... but as a dealer, it annoys me when a particular player is betting that way. It just slows the game down and makes me do more work.

I do starting stacks for a $100 buy-in as follows:
12x .25
12x $1
12x $5
1x $25

All rebuys are $25 and $100 with a couple $5 if necessary.
Bad sentence

I really like to keep it simple for cashing out those who leave with $$, I don't want to count a lot of chips.

I do .25, 1, 5, and 25, I will get 100 on the table on the third $100 re-buy.

For a $100 buy-in at .25/.50
12 - $.25
12 - $1
12 - $5
1- $25 Per person for the first buy-in, then 25's for the second buy-in, until the third or fourth person then I get the big hundo's

I did not follow my own rule at my last game and I was counting fraks till my eye BURST, I will no longer try to get my all my fraks on the table..
Also my players were using the fraks for $4 bets and although its fun and silly, its takes time for the dealer to count to verify the correct amount....
Im torn. I love the stacks of $5 chips that we get on the table. But I also love when we get to the point of having stacks of $20s or $25s. Its in between thats tough...where you only have a handful of high denominations. Ideally, as banker you will get an inflection point - When Berg or Guinness rebuys for $500, and then you can just go with $20s for the remainder of the session.
All of our cash games are .25/.50 so we will have usually 3 (.25 / 1.00 / 5.00) but every now and then we have to put some 20.00 in play.
For mixed games with .25/.50 NL/PL and 2/4 limit and for the .25/.50 NL/PL games, I start out with three denoms (.25, 1, and 5) and will bring out the 20's when the game starts getting deep. I like to have around 16 quarters, 50 $1's, and 50 $5's per player. Lots of chips on the table but not overwhelmingly so.

For strictly limit games of 2/4 or 3/6 it's two denoms, $1 and $20. My ASM customs with 1200 $1's are great for this game.
The game I usually host is just three denoms ($.25, $1 and $5), but it plays a lot smaller than most of the games around the MA/NH area. The best games I host, however, are the pink chips games ... now that I think of it, I'm going to have to try to get one of those together soon ...
We play .25/50. Each stack starts out with 12 x .25, 17 x 1 (workhorse) and 8 x 5.

$25.00's/$5's are used for the rebuys/add ons.
4 denoms usually. I like to get all the $1's and $5's out then do a couple of barrels of $20's or $25's, then some hundos. But I may just skip to the hundos next time and see if anyone notices. Since most of the ones we use are my customs, I normally am biased to get the various denoms their playing time or else they pout.
We usually play 25c/50c..... I like to hand out 3 stacks in a rack for the $125 max buyins (20 quarters, 20 dollars, 20 redbirds). I personally hate rebuying and getting handed 5 or 6 high denom chips and having to make change at the table and bother peolple.



though our buying don't start quite so high, I we just do barrels of quarters and $1's, and finish with $5's.
I usually use 20 (25c) 20 (50c) and 5 ($1) chips, as us poooooor folks only start with $20 for 25c/50c Games...
I think I like ssanels answer. I like the 20s when they start coming out in stacks.

The .05/.10 game I play in weekly uses 4 denoms with starting stacks that include 2 $5 chips for a $20 buy in. We are making change all night, and ytou never know what the action is by looking at the table. All the regs prefer getting rid of the small chips in their stack, and then needing change to be made. It is exasperating.
We play .25/.50 now and we have .25's, 1's, and 5's in play. When we used to play .05/.10 we'd have .05's, .25's, 1's, and 5's. Oh and we'd usually have 700-1000 nickels in play on the table simple because we liked huge stacks lol
For those few times we have a cash game, it's normally 0.10 / 0.25, so we have four denoms in play (5c, 25c, $1, and $5). Starting stacks are 10 / 10 / 17, and $5 are used for rebuys. I have to get more 0.25 and $1, though.
We normally play a $.25 - $1.00 spread limit dealer calls. So we get the $.25, $1, and $5 in play.
Break Down. Normally $20 buy in to start
$5 in $.25
$10 in $1
$5 in $5

Putting this on paper I might not break the $5's out until people rebuy.
My $20 game uses 3 chip denominations 10c 50c $1 and $20 plaques

I do have 520 $1s they are in play before the plaques come out

$5s gather dust until we break the bank $1400 (only happened twice)
We play 0.25 / 0.50 with $100 max buy-in. I have 2 racks of 0.25s, so the first 10 buy-ins get 20 x 0.25, 20 , $1 and 15 x $5
Later buyins get 20 x $1s and 16 x $5s until I run out of $1s, then $5s and later $25s. Like to get the $100s in play (why have them if you don't use them?) when someone gets a big stack
.05/.10 - 4 denoms nickels, quarters, dollars, and fivers
.25/.50 - 3 typically quarters, dollars, and redbirds

As links said though sometimes its fun to see how many you can get out there.
For one table: rack o'quarters, two racks of $1s, red birds til they're gone then the bigger chips... If playing 50¢/$1, a rack of 50¢ and a rack of $1s + all the $5s... if playing $1/$1 or $1/$2, two racks of $1s, all $5s available then higher denoms, either $20s, $25, or $100 depending on set...
Game is .50/1 and play my Crystal Park set. I have a rack of those beautiful $10 chips and love to get those in play for re-buys. Once those are wiped out, I go right to the hundo since the $25 look similar to the $10 and it's not really a nice progression up. Patrons start with:

$.50- 10
$1 - 10
$5 - 17
2 or 3 denoms on the table. I like things to go smoothly when playing cards. I hate whe there are $1 $2, $3, $5 all in play at the same time. That's why my sets increase in 4 or 5 times the previous denom... Example, $.25, $1, $5, $20 etc. there are some small exceptions but that's pretty much the rule.
I like just $1's when we play $1/$2. It is just cool to have tons of $1's on the table.

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