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Nov 9, 2014
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I was doing a little research for pricing this weekend and found out something stunning - my eBay feed is closing in on useless due to changes made by eBay. I discovered this change when I found a previously unseen sold auction for something I have been looking for years selling for half the price I would have paid. I have been living in a fool's paradise thinking I was seeing every auction available when I was missing most of the ones I wanted to see because they were buried under an avalanche of other results.

I had my feed set up to show me the newest listings that met my criteria. I want to see things that pop up as soon as they hit. I do not care what eBay things about what is most relevant, I know what I am looking for and why. Knowing what is new is essential since I am not going to parse through all of the results every time I want to look for needles in the eBay hay stack.

One change that happened is eBay has started imbedding banner ads and links to auctions unrelated to my search in my results. Bloating the feed and grinding on the performance of my computer. Individually they are not so bad but collectively they become a problem.

The deadly change is eBay defaulted to "most relevant" and requires me to sharply limit my search criteria to switch to showing the most recent results as the first thing I see. (and they didn't warn the users that I could see, just someone flipped the switch.)

So now I have to look at dozens of feeds and even then I know I am missing badly labeled auctions that I would be willing to chase. What once was less than a minute to see what is new takes ten times longer and can't be counted upon to show what I want to find out about.

Kind of sad - it seems like the 'stupid, pointy-headed boss" and other leaders from Dilbert have assumed management of eBay. Makes me think they aren't long for this world as an independent company.

And my lovely chips that should be sitting here in my home are owned by heathens - Bah! -=- DrStrange
I really didn't think that pic would be so big and rude, like: "I totally disagree with your aggravation!!" I meant it more as funny, like this:


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