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Aug 7, 2019
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Hey guys, In the next year or so my wife and I plan to begin building our forever home. Depending on the land that we purchase, I'm hoping for a daylight basement that will double as a man cave/movie room. As of right now I'm planning on having a poker table custom built for it, as well as an area for a home theater and of course a bar. Also wouldn't mind a pool table if space allowed. Here's something along the line of what I'm thinking.

As far as the actual house is concerned it's been such a pain trying to find the exact plan we like. We have the interior floor plan that we like, but she's set on a farmhouse style home with a wrap around porch, so I'm hoping it's easy to convert the floor plans to fit a farmhouse style. I attached the floor plans I like (obviously there will be changes (no garage, just a carport, among other things) My big thing is I want to walk in the foyer that opens to the living area and have floor to ceiling windows and a door that opens to a deck (like what the plan shows) Of course she wants the gigantic kitchen and a large laundry room among other things. Just give me the man cave and the views and I'm content! I also attached a couple pics of the type of exterior she likes.

Not really sure what I'm wanting to get out of this thread honestly. I guess just a place to get all my thoughts together! Any advice is appreciated. We chose 4 bedrooms because we plan to have at least 3 kids. The den in the house plan we plan to use as nursery then later convert it to a office.


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Put your laundry room on the same level as your bedrooms.
If it's a forever home, consider aging-in-place measures. If I could custom build my next home, there will be a small elevator.
Is a contractor capable of making changes for me or will I have to get an architect to design it.
Is a contractor capable of making changes for me or will I have to get an architect to design it.
Yes and no. A qualified/licensed contractor would be able to make changes for you for some of the small stuff, but there are so many elements at play that need to be considered. Things like load-bearing walls, mechanical/electrical/plumbing chases, required/recommended clearances for things like doorways and hallways, all relevant code issues. Each city/state has its own codes to follow so be careful just picking out plans and handing over to a contractor. Hiring an Architect isn't cheap, and isn't totally necessary for residential design (not required anyway), but it is definitely the best way to go if you can afford it. Hell, just the recommendations, resources and connections they have would be worth it.

Nothing against contractors, but they are in it, for the most part, to make money so if they can skimp (use lesser quality materials etc.) they most likely will. An Architect is there to help design and recommend the best build practices. They get paid for their services regardless of what they spec. They may even include a few site visits to make sure things are being built to plan which would be great piece of mind.
Where is the carport? If it’s where the two car garage is now, then you can add a covered porch between the carport and front entry, maybe extend it as past to the master closet. I’m assuming you’ll use the mud room also as a downstairs laundry? That is the only place I see big enough if she wants a large laundry room. Some people have also put a stacked washer/dryer in their master closet. You’re adjacent to a plumbing wall so it would be relatively easy. Add a door between den and master so you have direct access in the middle of the night when it’s a nursery? Could be a slider door. Master bedroom doors are interesting, I guess most of the time it’ll be closed but if you decide to keep it open the you’ll have a door leaf hanging out in the path. Great looking plan, looks huge!
Thanks I like it a lot! Yes, the laundry would most likely be the mud room area. We’ve been spoiled with an extremely large utility room where we live now so definitely would want space. I like the idea of a door to the nursery. Haven’t given much thought about where to put the carport but most likely where the garage is. The kicker is going to be trying to add in a wrap around porch with the farmhouse exterior while maintaining most of the interior plan as well as the decks in the back. I don’t see it being a big issue. I’m just not good at picturing things in my head

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