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Dec 29, 2021
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Alright, bought a nice DDLM limit set a year ago. Hasn't seen much action, but looking to add a new set anyway :)

This time a fully custom limit set.
Probably with reference to our barrel sauna.

But not sure if I should go for clay or ceramics.

I have ordered some samples of sunfly hybrids and normal (no-mold) chips.
Also waiting for a few hot stamped cpc chips (The Bank).

For some reason I like the flat sound of the normal chips better than the full sound of the hybrids. Though I still think the hybrids sound more like clay chips (I only have original Paulson's Pharaohs to compare with).

Also thinking to do a cpc set with a hot stamped (non-denom) chip for the workhorse and 2 or 3 value chips (both 39mm and 44mm) with inlay and denoms. Is it a sin to mix hot stamps and inlaid chips?

What's keeping me on the fence about the cpc set is the limited selection of 44mm molds.

If I go the ceramics way, is there a ressource where I can check out designs?

Thanks for reading :)

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