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What will happen to home poker after COVID-19?

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Nov 2, 2018
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It seems that online poker is trending upward.
I chose 2021 for the poll but I am most interested in the first 6-12 months post-COVID, whenever that will be.
please no politics.
Interested to hear rationales, so please elaborate below. I can think of reasons to support every scenario.

I don’t know how to do the spoiler thing so don’t read below if you do not want to be influenced by my thoughts/predictions prior to casting your vote.

My brief thoughts below:

No change- I feel that this has to be the least popular vote. If anything, home poker will change, at least initially.

Increase in online poker- I could definitely see this as people are bored and locked down so they start playing more. Loosened gambling laws in many states also a factor.

Increase in home poker- People are desperate to connect with others and have been playing more online poker while quarantined they are more interested in the home game.

Increase in both- combo of rationales above.

Decrease in online- people realize they are tired of playing online and either just tired of playing poker or want to play with others so badly that they decrease online use.

Decrease in home poker- Will people initially be afraid to gather in close proximity and touch a communal item like poker chips? Or so happy to be out and doing other things that poker slides in popularity.

Decrease in both- Armageddon

Thanks for playing!
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I just want pokerstars, partypoker and runitonce to be legalized in the US again, is that so much to ask as a recovery package?
I should have included that in the poll but that seems like a vote for “increase in online poker”!
I don’t think there’s gonna be any change to social interactions. You had heard of Corona well before anyone you knew got sick. It’s like hurricanes...people don’t mind visiting the beach, because they hear about the hurricanes a week before they land. People had enough advance notice that it won’t feel too risky
It does seem like online poker has certainly increased. How will this affect home poker?

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