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Mr Winberg

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Jan 10, 2019
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Yes, we haven't even had a serious discussion in this thread about COVID vaccines, Gematria (secret numbers that apparently pre-ordain every sporting event, election, pandemic or other world or local event, no matter how major or minor),
Not for lack of trying
It doesn't matter if he colors-up or not, because all poker tournaments are scripted, the outcome is already decided! Amirite @BigSlick4523 and @MatthewTreeTree!?!?


Feb 21, 2019
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Upstate, NY
I haven't had any games yet. I'm really looking forward to going to some structured and established local games before I host another poker night.
I restructured/labeled my chip denominations differently and bought some plaques for higher denom. Just a guess, but I bet all my players will want to try and chip up to those if they are able to. Smaller stacks of low denom will also help eliminate the need to chip up as heavily as well instead of hundreds of 5c and 10c chips on the table like we did in the past.
20x 5c chips, 16x 25c chips and rest $1s and 5's depending on buy in.

I agree, the plaques tend to be very popular. Almost a status symbol to have a few plaques in your stack :tup:


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Apr 29, 2020
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Humble, TX
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sorry you don't understand or relate.
I vented and clarified my situation and reasoning I also got some really good feedback and things to implement or atleast try and see what works best when the opportunity comes.
I have never been to or taken part in anything more organized than a fundraiser in a church basement. Everything I have done up until joining this group was wing it. Please understand it may take me a few tries and more mistakes to reach the amazing host status and overflowing attendance many here enjoy. There's still more than one way to skin a cat and there's got to be more than one way to hold a successful small town poker party. I intend to some day figure that out or atleast enjoy my ignorance along the way.
Sorry, I'm a coupe of weeks behind on this, but as others have said, the color up situation in a tournament is not optional, and honestly is REALLY EASY to fix. From the point that you color up, the smaller chips no longer have ANY VALUE. If your player refuses to surrender them, he's only hurting himself, and if he tries to bet them after the color up, simply take them out of the pot. They don't count any more. Also, I know you've spoken about keeping your tournament values equal to cash values, but once you've colored up, that is no longer the case. You now have more value on the table than you did before color up. Unless you are not coloring up correctly.

For example, if you color up nickels to quarters, and someone has $0.80 in nickels, they get $1.00 in quarters for those nickels. So not coloring up potentially loses chip value, and if you're firm about coloring up NOT being an option, they lose all the chip value of the smaller chips.

Another thing about your game that seems undesirable to me is that you play multiple tournaments during the evening of play. So I assume this means in each tournament you have players who bust out early and have nothing to do but wait around for the next tournament. Given the types of players you seem to have, I would imagine these guys continue to sit at the table, talk with the other players and distract and slow down the overall game play. Given the facts that your players want lots of chips, want to keep their low value chips, and don't want to follow some of the basic rules of tournament play, why not just play cash games with fixed nickel/dime blinds? Chips will continue to be dollar for dollar, color ups are not required, and everyone gets to keep playing all night long because they can immediately re-buy back in whenever they bust out.

Or your could start the night out with a single tournament, and then switch to cash after that tournament. But then you have the added responsibility of either having two distinct sets of chips, or making absolutely certain that you get back all chips used in the tournament before cash play begins. So it might not be a great idea with your group and chips that fly around and get lost unless you're willing to put together two dedicated sets of chips.

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