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Nov 7, 2014
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I bought a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with 36,000 miles for $33,400 6 days ago. It hasn't started at least 7 times now in the last week, but always eventually starts. There is a recall for the "TIMP"; however, the recall is soooo huge that Chrysler has not been able to replace the part.....and it may be on back order for YEARS. Anybody with a similar situation?? Anybody that can help me?? Seems I am fucked here.....:mad:
I would try and return the vehicle. They sold it to you knowing full well that it has a recall on it that could cause the problems you are having. Did they disclose to you when you bought it that it has an open recall notice on it?
Turns out there is no recall for the TIPM for 2012's. The dealership says they will "take care of it" but not until 12/10. We shall see......

(so frusterated!!)
I would DEFINITELY look into whether or not you can get out of the deal. EVEN if there would be a small charge to do so, just the THREAT of doing it might spur your Dealer to come good with you.

As for there being nothing on the 2012s, just WAIT. I had something similar with my Cube, where there was no recall in Canada, but there was in the States. Dealer kept insisting "no problem" right up until the recall was issued. I ended up getting two years of free scheduled maintenance by bitching to Corporate about the Dealer.

What do you have to lose?
Turns out there is no recall for the TIPM for 2012's. The dealership says they will "take care of it" but not until 12/10. We shall see......

(so frusterated!!)

Like Milo said, just wait. From what I saw when I googled it briefly yesterday, there are a couple of groups trying to get Chrysler to expand the recall to include all vehicles with a TIPM. If the module fails while driving you can lose power to the vehicle causing all kinds of bad things.
Dropped the Jeep off today. I changed the battery to the key fob on 12/3 and it started 4 times in a row before failing once a day later. Then it failed to start twice 3 days after that. However, it has started on the first try on all other attempts since replacing that key battery on 12/3. I think this is going to make it difficult for them to diagnose. Obviously the key battery was a big part of the problem, but what about the other 3 times it didn't start? (oh boy.......)
They said it is a "known issue" and they did a computer update in addition to addressing 2 recalls that are unrelated to the Jeep not starting. So far, so good. I will continue to document just in case.........
In case anyone was wondering......
Issue resolved! They tried a CPU update which didn't work. Then they replaced the TIPM relay. It has started everytime for the last month and I didn't have to pay a dime. NOW I can enjoy this awesome Jeep!
Glad to hear it worked out. I've always had really good luck with my Chrysler products so I was surprised when I heard about your issue. Enjoy your Jeep!

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