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Mar 11, 2015
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Hi guys.

My name is Alain and I'm from Berne, Switzerland. Bought quite a bunch of poker chips a few years ago when playing Texas Hold'em was the thing to do. Well and as time went by my collection of poker chips decreased.

But I still own two sets of ceramic chips. Just was not able to sell them. The first one is the Tiki set, the second one is named Nevada Jack. I will attach a few pictures as soon as I am in the mood of taking them. :D

As you may see I am more the ceramic chips loving type of guy. I know, clay chips are the real deal but... I know how to use Photoshop so I prefer more space for one's own design over original casino flair. But as we all know there is no rule without exception.

So why I am here then? I guess I will be lurking around, checking the custom chips section to see what gems others are creating. Perhaps I'll throw in my two cents if I think that my English is good enough to express what I think. If not, I sure will be silently impressed by all those designs. To be honest: I'm sort of desperately waiting for my custom chips to arrive so I guess I kill some time here. :eek:


your English is way better than mine. So don't worry. If you find some time please show us your designs.

Welcome aboard, Alain!

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Welcome, yeah ceramics don't get as much love around here as clay, but I think they fill a good niche. I have a 700pc Hard Rock set from The Chip Room that I like a lot, and now I have my CC CPS chips that I love. :cool:

Welcome, photoshop skills can be usefull especially when you're on the way for the Graal, that you mightreach soon if you visit classicpokerchips !
Glad to see you here... I have clay chips, I have ceramic chips, I have plastic chips.

This is a good place

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