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High Noon Saloon custom options

  • $25 chip -- tradition is never a bad thing

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Oct 27, 2016
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Out in the West Coast...
I'm basically working on a VERY retro-style cash set, and the custom options are two that I think are important to any set.

Basically, should we allow 5 cent chips or make the minimum bet a quarter? From what I've heard, the former isn't used very much once the bets start but it's still something I think we can look at as an option.

Second, $20 or $25 chip, I'm not going to re-invent the wheel here, a bet of 5c/25c/$1/$5/$2X/$100 is perfectly fine, and there's no need to change it. Historically all my chip sets have $25 chips but I think the $20 might fit better with the Old West motif than the $25, but still I want to get feedback.

Also, unlike other polls, I am going to have your votes listed publicly if you decide to be a smartass and vote just the two options on the top and two on the bottom. Please select one from the top two choices and one from the bottom two.
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