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Nov 24, 2014
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Boston, MA
Hi folks-

just saying hi! I'm a total noob with poker chips and lose money at every poker night, but I'm turning both of those around, thanks to a sweet set of clays I bought from ssanel and some study of some poker sites & books. There is hope for everyone!

anyhow, Happy Holidays to all!

Welcome to Poker Chip Forum.
Glad I beat Puggy to this, he always makes me hungry..... ;)

Welcome! Lock your wallet up quick!
Welcome...lotta Massholes here
Thanks so much people! I will definitely shoot some pr0n with ssanel's ex (ex-chipset, that is) once the wife gifts it to me on Xmas. I'm psyched... and already ordering up sample sets!

Welcome to PCF.
Open up your walet and say GOOD BYE to your $$$$$$

Chips are sooo worth it though....

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