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Jun 19, 2014
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Thought I'd say hey to everyone at this forum and post a pic of my GV/Aztar set.


I've lost a lot on shipping piecing it together over a couple years and multiple shipments, but it's pretty functional for my T1000 tournament poker needs, with some flexibility for cash games or craps and blackjack casino nights if I want. The ridiculous number of $5s is mostly a factor of getting an offer I couldn't pass up on them. Custom show 'em labels for the roulettes might be my next project.
Welcome to PCF. I always liked those Aztar $100s. Any pics of the table? :)
Yeah, I bought the last 30 of those $100s from Jim. They look great and are perfectly broken in. The table is a topper that folds up for portability.


Did you make that yourself?
Yeah, I used 1/4" plywood, headliner foam, gorilla tape for the hinges and Brybelly SSC from amazon. It folds out to 90" x 36"
Pretty sweet. For those of us who are carpentry-challenged, how hard was it to make?

I had a tablesaw and handheld router. You could probably do one of these with just the router, with a guide clamped to the plywood in order to make the straight cuts. There's plenty of extra wood on a sheet to make that happen. There's actually 5 pieces of wood you need, the rectangular center section, the two end pieces with the semicircle curves (router and a compass jig, which is easy to piece together from wood and metal bar) and two narrow strips of wood at each hinge. Once the simple shapes are cut, it's all gluing, taping and stapling for the rest of the project. I fold it up and slide it behind my china cabinet, and it's stiff enough that if it overhangs a table slightly you can still play on it. That makes it easy to use at different locations. If I had more room to store a dedicated table, I'd go that route, though a topper could make a good second table if your game sometimes has more people. If you're really interested, I can post up some more info and pictures.
Great post, and some very nice chips and table, too. Welcome aboard. You'll clearly be at home here.
Welcome to PCF. Very nice movable table you've got there and great chips!
I get the feeling I was like 4 months early here.... setting trends I guess.
Nice topper, btw. That's the way to do it. :)

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