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Jun 24, 2017
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Houston, Texas
This Saturday is our 2022 league championship. This year, we had 13 people qualify and 11 of those 13 attending the championship.

Some of you participated in our fantasy poker play-along last year and so opening it up again this year. Top 2 places in the continental US I'll send a little something something to. You can play if you are outside the US as well, I'm just not going to go through the mailing process and expense for this. (We're also running a $30 money version of this with people who play locally and on the mavens site - hit me up privately if we've interacted before and you are interested in that.)

How does it work? If you've played daily fantasy football (or another sport), you'll get this pretty quick. Much like fantasy football, each player is worth a set “salary” (based on their starting stack) and you will draft four players that may represent up to $200 in salary.

For this contest, finishing place in the tourney is worth (1st - 10, 2nd - 7, 3rd - 5, 4th - 3, 5th - 2, 6th – 1).

If you'd like a team, please post in the following format in this thread by midnight CT 12/9 in the format below.

Player 1 - Cost
Player 2 - Cost
Player 3 - Cost
Player 4 - Cost

Total salary of: $XXX

Here's the draftees. Happy drafting!

Starting Stack​
Art - points leader, 1st or 2nd in the last three events so on a heater
Dan - sticky player who loves sucking out. "if he ain't first he's last" type of tourney player
@Brandon - will refrain from posting reads since he's on here :)
@MrCatPants - reigning champ, clearly a fantastic pick
@Apathand - will refrain from posting reads since he's on here :)
Mo - reigning runner up, the crusher of our cash games
Eric Go - most improved player - got serious about poker this year for the first time
@TX_Golf_N_Poker - will refrain from posting reads since he's on here :)
Scott - winner from two championships ago, calls lighter than he ever used to - probably watching too many poker streams
Tim - late league joiner, so lowest number of events to still qualify, so points may be deceiving
Anders - our resident maniac; points leader last year and reigning 3rd place championship finisher; terrible tourney run this year but still qualified
Starting stacks all ready to go:


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