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Aug 24, 2013
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Madison, WI
My company has tons of restrictions on what sites I can and cannot access from work. I get it - for the most part.

But do any of you IT geeks experts ;) know why some (but not all!?!? this is where I'm confused...) of these filters/restrictions still apply on my work laptop when I am connected to my home internet connection?

I have no idea if this is something that I can change or where I would even go to see if I can change them?

Thanks in advance :)
I would not mess with ANYTHING that is work-related, including their lap-tops. I get the frustration, as the filters here are kind of hit and miss with what they block, but I think you are better off leaving that stuff be.
It's called a local security policy, and it sounds like they have deployed one to your laptop. It would be pretty difficult to change if they have your machine "locked down", which is what we call it. There are certain profiles active when you are connected to your corporate network that may be loosened, but not lifted, when you are connected to other networks. If you are connecting a VPN, so you can get to certain office resources, then you are, essentially, connected to your corporate network, even while at home, and being routed through the same traffic filtering devices present on the office network.

Does that make sense? Bottom line, there are ways around what you're experiencing, but it's probably best not to. If you're friendly with a guy in IT, just ask him what the policy is. He may say something like, "Oh, you're still using that old policy. Let me fix it for you." Or he might say, "The CIO says that all connections on corporate gear must be filtered." Then you'll know where you stand.
Thanks for the info guys. I'll just deal with it - not worth the trouble it may or may not cause if I try to get around it.

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