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Help me plan a poker trip. Where is the best place to travel and play cards around these dates?

  • Salt Lake City - 10/1

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  • Paloma, CA - 10/7

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  • Sacramento - 10/8

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  • Portland - 10/10

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  • Seattle - 10/11

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Full House
Sep 11, 2017
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I’d like to catch a second show while my favorite band is stateside. Wife may be able to make a trip out of it with me if there is good food and good poker. The dates on the poll are when the show is playing so we can string dates before and/or after to optimize the schedule. Even better if she can play cards while I’m at the concert. Where would you pick for a 3-5 day trip? Thanks in advance!
My vote was going to be

But none of the those options were listed so I picked the California spots. Cali card rooms seems poppin although I’ve never played them.
Only played in LA at The Bicycle out of the list. Dealer was turning his head away to some obvious cheating. They were playing Omaha while everyone was playing hold'em. I definitely got a table change. It was a pretty building built mainly for poker. Food is good in LA though.

Let us know your plan and experience.

Ding ding ding!

Caught them in Austin. Not sure I’ll be able to make a second show. I have been obsessed since the good old days.

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