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Jan 29, 2020
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New York, NY
Hey everyone, I just got a rack of mint pink THCs I plan to mill. Trying to decide on what label to go with. I put the below together very quickly, and sorry for the bad label images, I just cropped some pics I had, should've probably used some type of database, but you get the idea :). I'm open to suggestions other than the below as well. THANKS!








(Casablanca I would change to 25c, Jack I would fix the pink color on the outside to match, Top hat and cane probably would change to 25c)
Also, that leaves the Claim Stake Chips as the only chip without a location right in the middle of the line up. Again bookended by the other chips with a location on them
Thanks for the feedback! Yea, I sorta listed them in the order that I like them as well :p

Gonna keep thinking on it, still open to suggestions other than the above as well.
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I'd say it has to be a casino chip vs one of the naGB chips. I like these three in this order.

So I think I will likely go with the flamingo. Maybe I'll do Las Vegas instead of Aruba?

The only question is whether I should look for a hot pink or stick with the regular pink chips. The hot pink may match the color of the flamingo label better, but unsure which would work best with my set.
Flamingo. Need to see the hot pink, but yeah, hot pink is.....HOT.
I actually like regular pink better with that amazing 5. Normally I’d say hot but regular will look great here imo
I actually like regular pink better with that amazing 5. Normally I’d say hot but regular will look great here imo

Yeah, when I looked back at the line-up, it's the 5 that gave me pause regarding hot pink, also. Usually, hot pink, all day long (and next to the Paris $1, YES!). But with that might not be best. Agree.
Flamingo, Top Hat - or Jack if you want a different (black) label, in that order.
PCAs are iconic chips. I 'd rather put another label on them (just did that actually:D) than put their label on another chip.
Let alone their labels' denoms are hard to read by elderly or drunk people (or a combination of both). The label is NOT PCAs' strong point.
I vote flamingo
PCA and Casablanca could work
THC doesn't work and no reason to put a bland home market logo with real casino chips.
Big Top - better off doing Carousel for a real casino
JACK - no go - black label and no logo
ES - fake casino and name clash with the real Empress $100 and wouldn't really recommend anyone relabel anything as a Star chip unless they were trying to match a Star set.

might want to add a Poll to the thread

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