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Jan 2, 2014
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Phoenix, AZ
Today I was playing 50NL on Bovada and started coming up with acronyms for the bad players. I figure we can put one together and then Gnu could publish it in his book, How To Play Like the Schmoes.

Here's my contribution: "I" is for "isolate".
I like "CAFFE" (as in caffe latte) when I'm holding :4s::6s: on a :ah::kd::qc: flop ... CAn't Fold Fast Enough.

OK, that's not a "bad player nickname" but at least it's an acronym.
Other than Stocky, you guys need to look up the word "acronym".

I know what an acronym is. My idea was that someone would add another letter to help complete the acronym with my contribution being the "I" in the acronym.

I dislike people who consistently try to tell others at the poker table what they should have done because they think they are a ~player~ even when they are wrong most of the time. So that's exactly what I call them to their face. I just don't tell them what it means.

Plays like a yappy egotistical retard.
If we're going favorites, remember the ELectronic Mail program ELM, and one of its successors: PINE (Pine is not ELM).

Perfect acronym for PINE. Self referential, and a tree, like the program that predated it.

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