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Jul 12, 2021
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Newfoundland, Canada
Hey everyone,

Just joining the party here, found the site a few weeks ago and trolled once or twice, but it was quick view off the phone.
Finally got the dust of the laptop and signed up for real.

Living in Newfoundland Canada, and enjoying the trip down the chip, card and table build rabbit hole so far.
Started in a regular game before I left home for Nova Scotia 3 years ago, but now that I'm back on the rock, time to up my personal game to get a good regular home game going.
So taking my time so far, trying to decide on some chips to invest in, and also have been heavy into the build a table theme. Shipping big items to the island is usually on the ridiculous side, so I'll take the build route and see how that goes haha. Just ship in the essential custom pieces, when the time comes.

Great to be here and take in the wealth of info within these pages.
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