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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
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Key West offers a wide range of denominated chips for poker, from micro-cash to tournament play. Our blue $1 chips and light blue $2 chips are issued and redeemed for face value, like a store gift card. Other denominated chips retail for $1.79 each, but are $1.69 to PCF members. Key West solid chips come in nine colors and are $1.32 per chip. They were made for roulette, but do just as well on the poker table as a solid, non-denominated chip.


$3 per deck, $2.89 in larger quantities


For your game room or table we also stock:

Acrylic chip racks in two sizes
Acrylic 1,000-chip "bird cages"
Acrylic 600-chip locking "fill carriers"
Wooden 200- and 300-chip cases
Key West custom cut cards
Stock cut cards
Dealer shoes and discard racks
Full-size professional casino craps dice with the Key West name

PCF members can order directly. Send a PM to dennis63 here at PCF!


We're not an online casino, and we don't link to any. You can't gamble on our site, but you can play free casino games on our "free casino games" page for your desktop, laptop or tablet.

We have blackjack, roulette and slots, all played for free points. You'll use virtual versions of our Key West denominated and roulette chips and Key West playing cards during play. There's no need to "sign up," or pay anything. Find them under "Free casino games" at


The story of the Key West Resort & Casino

The Key West Resort & Casino is officially a "fantasy casino." It never existed anywhere. In 2007, a private retailer wanted to make a great 1960s-style casino chip perfect in every detail, with the producer who made chips in the early days of Las Vegas. The retailer picked the name "Key West" because there was no "Key West Casino" in Las Vegas, or anywhere else, at the time.

A beautiful logo was drawn up by J5 Design, now known as the best artist in the casino chip world. They took the design to Atlantic Standard Molding of Portland, Maine. ASM mixed up some classic "Vegas" colors and used the old "H Mold" to create the chips. The mold was used to make some of the most famous and valuable chips in the early days of Las Vegas.

The resulting chips were a great combination -- a classic mold and high-quality clay casino chip, in subdued Las Vegas colors, and a beautiful inlay. The chips were an instant hit. They quickly found their way into the hands of collectors worldwide, and fell into the "fantasy" category, like other chips produced for the home market, or chips made for casinos which never opened.

In 2011, the retailer was running low on chips and sold some of the last to a collector who wanted to keep the chip alive and available to players. He bougtht the "chip line" form the retailer -- the logo on the inlay -- and began making Key West Resort & Casino chips with ASM.

To bring more people to this great chip, new denominations were added, and J5, the original logo designer, created custom playing cards for the Key West as if it really existed. These were produced by the Liberty Playing Card Company using their high-end "Imperial Linen" card stock.

As the Key West line grew, PCF member dennis63 formed a small business in Delaware to sell Key West chips, cards and casino gaming supplies. The company is called the Continental Card & Game Company -- mostly because the State of Delaware wouldn't let us use the word "casino" in our business license.

Our guarantee: At the Key West, everything we sell is unconditionally guaranteed. We sell only the highest-quality gaming chips and casino equipment, and we expect that you will enjoy our product on the day they arrive, and long after. If not, simply return your item for a full refund of your purchase price.

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

My name is Dennis. I'm the owner of Key West Resort & Casino, and "dennis63" on this site.

I wanted to introduce myself, and let everyone here know they're invited to visit the Key West Resort & Casino -- after they're done on pokerchipforum.com, of course.

You won't need to buy to stop by. You can stop in to read our information pages, post a comment, see what's new, scan Robert's Rules of Poker, or play some blackjack, roulette or slots in our "Casino Games" practice page. It's always free, as you play for free points that reload each time you come back. There is no wagering on our site, and we don't link to any online gambling sites.

I know everyone really wants to use casino-quality equipment -- the real stuff. But the only way to get real casino chips is to pay face value for them at a casino. Casino cards? Maybe you can find some "cancelled" decks from that casino you go to. And most casinos don't want to sell you one of their 32-inch professional roulette wheels.

Here, we connect with casino industry manufacturers and get them to make chips, playing cards and dealer buttons. They're the same as what's made for their casino clients, but the chips don't say, "Rio, Las Vegas," or "Tropicana, Atlantic City." They're "Key West Resort & Casino," a place that never existed.

We're a new site, and our business and our website are improving every day. But we're also small, with low overhead, so we can offer some really great prices, often lower than anywhere else on the web.

If you have a question, problem or suggestion, please contact me directly at dennis@keytwestresortcasino.com.

So "on your way home" from pokerchipforum, I hope you'll stop in to the Key West Resort & Casino.

Best regards,



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Hey Dennis. How much do you think ASMs new prices will affect your retail pricing?
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ASM is really the last company that will make you a full-custom chip out of clay, so I want to keep using them to make these great chips and never want to reach a point where they throw up their hands and say, "We're out of the home market," like some companies have done. ASM really does make chips for licensed casinos, and an order of 100,000 chips from a casino is considered a small order.

But for some reason, when I call ASM and ask for 500 or 1,000 chips, they'll do it, and after they deal with me once, they'll make me 100 ad-ons if I want.

I'm sure the increase will eventually have an effect, but I am working with ASM's new owner, Michael Dambauch, to do what we can to keep the prices for these reasonable. ASM gives quantity discounts when you order more than 1,000, more than 3,000, and... (Not sure what happens after that, as I 've never ordered more than about 2,000.)

Right now, I have about 2,500 chips, all bought when prices were lower, from Apache and ASM, so I'm not changing any prices until those are all sold. I hope everyone here can tell from my chip prices that I'm not trying to make a lot on chips, but the cost to replace chips I've sold is definitely climbing, so if I want to keep this going, I have to do what the casinos do: buy a lot at one time.

My goal is to keep the chip alive, available and reasonable to buy. The hard part is that this is a semi-custom chip that people can buy for home use, like the Paulson Pharoahs. But since orders are small and unpredictable, ASM has to charge full-custom prices.

When my stock runs low, I'll be in touch with ASM to find out what they can do on their end, and how many chips I should be buying to reduce or offset the increases in cost. Meanwhile, I want to build interest in this chip, and make sure people know it won't disappear if they buy a set or place a small order to start building a set over a year or two.

I'd love to build the backing for this chip to be able to sell maybe 1,500 chips per month. That's 18,000 chips a year. I'd find a way to order a two- or three-year supply and we'd never have to raise the price.

So, no changes for now, and hopefully things will move in the right direction.
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Hello Dennis, Thank you for all the information that you have given. I will gladly pass it on to the individuals that I know would be interested. Your company will do great. Best of luck moving forward. I will definitely be checking it out.
Best of luck with these Dennis. Perhaps you can post pics of some chips in the mold cups for those over here that aren't privy to them? Thanks
Hey dennis, any chance of having any promos for the forums users here? Thanks in advance.

This is the only known photo of the H mold in the press, inside ASM in Las Vegas in January, 2013. It was taken during the final pressing of our Key West chip order. (You can tell it is the final pressing, because the edge spots and inlays are in the chips.

Cameras were strictly off-limits before owner Michael Dambauch took this one and sent it to us. The photo itself doesn't reveal any trade secrets to a novice like me, so I think they're safe.
Hey dennis, any chance of having any promos for the forums users here? Thanks in advance.

Yes! Effective immediately, registered members of PokerChipForum are VIP Club members at the Key West Resort & Casino.

The VIP Club has a password-protected page where you can see monthly specials reserved for club members, special packages of items only available on the club page, and enter the monthly VIP Club contest.

The page has a button to jump to the "Preferred Pricing" page. It's a list of our items at 5 to 10 percent off regular pricing for VIP members only. The page is "hidden" and does not appear in the navigation bar. The only way to get there is through the VIP Club. The page allows you to buy items by clicking a "buy it now" button for each, with lower prices.

When you pay, please be sure to note your PokerChipForum screen name in the memo part of paypal, or e-mail me at dennis@keywestresortcasino.com, so I know your order is coming through this site.

So if you're reading this and are not registered on PokerChipForum, what are you waiting for? (It's free.)

The VIP Club password is:


(That's ace of clubs, with no spaces.)
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Love these chips. Funny that these are the chips the host of my Fall/Winter league uses. We've been using them for years and they have held up great.

Glad to hear it. (Pics?)

Please let your host know that the chips are available if needed.
How did I not know this existed?
Just ordered a sample set of all poker and roulette chips.
Can't wait to get them...definitely see a cash or tournament set in the near future!
How did I not know this existed?
Just ordered a sample set of all poker and roulette chips.
Can't wait to get them...definitely see a cash or tournament set in the near future!

Order received. Your chips will ship in the morning.

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