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Jul 14, 2015
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San Jose, CA
Hello PCF!

My name is Rick and Im from Sunny California, San Jose to be more precise. I started playing poker while in college, at the local Indian casino. I still play occasionally at the local casino when work permits, but im more into small home games with friends. I've been lurking around this form for about a month now, and figured its time to introduce myself.

I actually picked up my first set of real clay chips this month, off of eBay. The seller listed this lot as all Paulson chips, but after i got them, i found out that a few were actually the BCC chips. He did include some bonus chips, so i was all too mad about the deal.

Its nice meeting everyone!

Paulson: Fan of Cards:
40 x $0.05, 40 x $0.10, 80 x $0.25, 80 x $0.50, 120 x $1.00, 80 x $5.00

BCC: Fan of Cards:
20 x $1.00, 20 x $25.00, 10 x $100.00, 5 x $500.00, 5 x $1,000.00

Paulson: Fabulous Las Vegas (Bonus)
20 x $25.00, 10 x $100.00, 10 x $500.00

2015-07-22 22.16.12.jpg
File Jul 23, 8 56 47 AM.jpeg
File Jul 23, 8 58 00 AM.jpeg
File Jul 23, 8 57 21 AM.jpeg
File Jul 23, 8 57 38 AM.jpeg
Welcome to pcf! Do you run any home games? I am in the bay a lot for work.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
Also, sorry @NiceShot im not currently running any home games. Just collecting chips for the time being, but ill be sure to let you know if and or when things change.
Welcome to PCF! Nice collection. The 'Fan of Cards' chips were one of my first Paulson sets. Did you notice on your BCC version that they reversed the K and J?
Haha yeah, i figured that out after i got the chips in my hands. From what i read, it was to help against copyright infringement, or something like that? But i guess that a moot point as both of them are owned by the same people now.
welcome here,
thanks for sharing those pictures,
Formerly, there was a Casino named "The Post "in San José :)
Huh, i never heard of "The Post" then again, it might have been before my time. I do know of the former Garden City, which i guess you can say, is now the M8trix casino, same owners, and then there is also Bay 101.
that's true there was also Garden City Casino, one PCF member is one of your neighbours and has a huge set btw;
The Post Casino opened for only one year I think in 1971 (not quite sure).

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