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Jun 3, 2021
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I’m looking forward to spending some time on this forum.

I guess you can call me somewhat of a poker chip junkie. I have a growing collection of replica and actual casino chips. The bulk of real chips come from the old Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, but I have chips from casinos in Las Vegas and California. I love anything Paulson.

I started with replica chips back in the late 90s because they were cheaper and I had a young daughter at the time and it seemed prudent to spend less. The Dunes replica chips (apparently there are two different sets with distinct differences) are my favorites, although I just bought a full set of Valentinos and I love those chips.

Not sure if they count as chips, but I also have a number of the $1 silver tokens from the old Imperial Palace that I brought back with me in the 90s.

Glad to be here!


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May 20, 2019
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Finksburg, maryland USA
Wow off to an awesome start @OhioGrinder419 ! Sounds like more getting back in the game than just starting. Not sure where you are in Ohio but I think we are having another meet up in late September in Columbus if you have any intrest. Come out and hang out with some other chip nerds

These are the chips we brought last year, minus the main event chips
Screenshot_20201231-182357_Samsung Internet.jpg

That's me with the cross table fist bump! Lol

Always a ton of fun and hope you decide to attend a meet up. Best way to get involved and make friends in the community.

I wish you the best of luck woth YOUR chipping journey and if there is ever any questions that I could help with shoot me a PM and I will be happy to help!

Fellow Chipper Ben
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