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May 16, 2022
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Guntersville, AL
Hello from Lake Guntersville, Alabama (about 40 miles south of Huntsville, Alabama). I came to the PCF to learn more about making a custom sets of poker chips for a small home poker tournament that I endeavored to start. I initially believed that ordering custom poker chips will be a fairly easy and thoughtless endeavor but as y’all know (and are probably laughing about now) it most certainly is not. It’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole. I’ve done, as was recommended, a good bit of reading and now I believe I know enough to start my ordering process. Before this, my only experience with poker chips was my cheap-o Walmart set I got (but had never used) and the Harley Davidson poker chips that are available from different Harley dealers. I have about 60 of those and often travel great distances on my bike with the sole purpose/goal of obtaining them.

A little about me, I am the county Mental Health Officer. That means when police encounter someone they believe to be mentally I’ll they call me and I come to the scene and evaluate the person. I decide if they go to the psychiatric unit, jail, rehab, etc. I wanted to start this game to develop better relationships with my friends in the police department, Sheriff’s office, and the jails. I thought I’d be lucky and get 4-5 people together for a good time but when the word go out I had 25+ people (plus some wives) who wanted to play so the response was almost overwhelming. I quickly decided I needed good chips. My game is May 28 though and as you can imagine I underestimated the time it would take to design, order, and receive custom poker chips.

I’ve bought a set of the Outlaw poker chips from Amazon (maybe made by Discount Poker Chips ?) to get me through the first game. When they came I realized I didn’t like the texture and I wanted a custom set with matching bounty chips and rebuy chips. I started searching and fell in absolute love with a design from a website and bought a sample set (also at ya’lls recommendation). The set came quickly but the website has horrible reviews on their Facebook page (6 reviews, all seemed to have been stiffed, only one of which the company responded to) so I came here to vet them and found that another website, who is a vendor, was recommended and I am going to follow that recommendation (BR Poker). I’ve pretty much settled on ceramics.

So now I’m hoping to find a designer who can replicate the spirit of the chip that I feel in love with (not an exact replica per se) so I can get a set ordered from a more reputable company. I went to message some designers but was unable to because I hadn’t posted anything and don’t have enough posts. It’s tough because I know you are trying to enjoy a good spam-free forum but some of us new guys may not have anything meaningful to add to conversations. Figured I’d come here and tell my story. Sorry if it is a bit wordy. Nature of a mental health professional I suppose.

Please feel free to tag any artist/designers that may be up for a more complicated task as the design I would like to replicate the spirit of is very cool but a lot more than a typical insert sticker and each denomination will require separate artwork.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome and thank you for the job you do. Having family members who’ve worked in social services I know it can be a difficult and heavy job.

Personally don’t know who’s designing right now and who isn’t but hoping @JeepologyOffroad can provide some insight?

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