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Aug 26, 2021
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Alabama, US
Hey guys! I’ve heard a lot about PCF through the internet and I finally decided to join the forum.

I’ve really enjoyed browsing the classified section and seeing all the different types of poker chips that are out there. Up until probably three years ago, I never knew there was more than the good ol Walgreens Special dice chips. It’s been real fascinating seeing different chip designs and where they came from.

I used my dice chips for years growing up, but I wanted something unique, which is how I stumbled onto this website. My fiancé knew I had my eyes on a set from APC and this past Christmas she snagged a beautiful set of Horseshoe Cincinnati chips! My very first premium set (notice I say first, insinuating that there will be more sets to come).

I’m super excited to be on the forum and I look forward to seeing y’all’s chips in the classifieds and your posts!
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