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Jun 9, 2021
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Hi all. Michigan native here and new to the forum. Been playing poker since the mid 90's, mostly $0.25/$0.50 home games with friends and micro stakes with the family. I'll occasionally play a $1/$2 game in the Detroit casinos but not since pre-'rona. Up until last summer I played with cheapo dice chips at home but discovered china clays when researching for better chips. Took me a couple weeks to decide but I went with Majestic's and I've put together an 800 chip cash game set and a 500 chip tournament set and have been really happy with them for the most part. They are all cleaned and oiled and look great, but....those salmon $0.25 and brown $5k just don't look right. 'Gross' I believe was the term my wife used lol. After seeing some of the custom Majestic sets on here people have put together I decided I am going to do a relabel for the quarters and $5k's. I am planning on going with blue for the quarters and orange for the $5k's since those are the only colors I don't have and would make the most sense. That would give me a nice mix of $0.05 yellow/$0.25 blue/$1 white/$5 red for the cash set and $25 green/$100 black/$500 purple/$1k yellow/$5k orange for the tourney.
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