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Jul 3, 2015
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My name is Adam and I'm from Florida. I loved visiting CT years ago, but then I disappeared into other hobbies. I've since returned with a greater emphasis to poker and all things related recently. Its good to see so many here and active. I currently have a small set of Avalons and CPS chips. I was distraught to learn how few the options are now for clay chips, but hopefully I can convince someone to sell me a set. Anyone have any tips for escaping with $1 racks while I am here in Vegas?

I'm currently in Vegas staying at the Rio. Is there a thread covering anyone else that is here now this summer? I just saw Red Bellys awesome adventure thread while he was here. That was a fun read.

Also, I'll be buying a better table soon when I return home. I just have the $100ish sports authority one. Is there a PCF preferred seller? Ill be looking for something pretty simple with folding legs but an upgrade in speed felt, cup holders, padding, etc. I've been scouring craigslist with no luck for months and I have no skill in making one, so I'll be looking to buy from somewhere.

Thanks for any insight and its great to have PCF around!
Welcome to PCF! Like the username and the movie.
Hi. Come on in. Welcome to PCF. Today we'll serve some Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili with some Desperados beer.
Good to have you here. Altough it will be harder to find some great chip sets, they're still out there. Somewhere. You'll get
your soon.

Here you go for browsing the Vegas chips:

Have fun

Welcome! I'm in Vegas staying close by Rio at Westgate Flamingo Bay. Will be at Rio later today to rail a friend in the Main. Will pm you contact info.

Get any $1 chips except Flamingo spotted birds. Those are reserved lol.

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